Another Year Another Post

The date should read: October 12, 2015 for this post.

Sorry, readers, for being offline for so long.

I started 2016 by going viral - with a nasty flu virus that kept me in bed for the first eight days of the year.   I would say that is a risk of K's job at the Jr. High School, but actually I rarely get the flu and if I do it is held in check by my immune system and I only experience mild symptoms.  Not this time.

Let's see, where was I?   Ah yes, wishing everyone a nice Halloween.      To back up just a tad, on October 12 we had a very rare visit by several hummingbird hawk-moths (Macroglossum stellatarum).   I hadn't seen any in years, but apparently the lavender plants and cosmos flowers that K planted in our yard are attractive to them.   Although they resemble hummingbirds in that they hover and drink the nectar of flowers, they are moths.   There are of course no hummingbirds in Japan or anywhere else outside the Americas.