Joining The One Percenters!

K has joined an exclusive group of people.   No, she hasn't become a billionaire. Rather, she has excelled at using as little gasoline as possible and emitting very few pollutants with her car.

Of the approximately 32,000 drivers of Honda Vezels in Japan, K is the 76th most efficient driver.  That puts her in the top  0.2 percent!   So, if you happen to be in Japan and see K driving by with her nose in the air, you'll understand why.

That information and more is provided via internet to Vezel owners by Honda. Her average fuel economy this October is 24.6 kilometers per liter.   For you people stuck with the old English measurements, that's about 57.86 miles per gallon.

Way to go, K!

K picking up her Honda Vezel Hybrid last year.