Pacific Health Crisis

As many readers know, I had a nearly fatal health crisis of my own a little over two years ago.  Its cause was the same as that causing the health crisis in America, the Pacific, and every other place in the world where people are imitating the Standard American Diet (or SAD).   It is a food borne pandemic.  Food borne in the sense that it is being caused by what we eat.

In Japan, I spent 18 days in hospital and received excellent care (even the food was good) and thankfully the insurance system here kept my costs low.  But I got similar (bad) advice as I would have gotten in America, and that advice was partly responsible for my own crisis in the first place.  So this problem is not unique to America.

In the United States of America there is a financial and political crisis being brought about by the cost of dealing with the general health crisis.  Amazing as it seems, that is true.  None in politics dare actually face the situation squarely because -as with many other issues over there- powerful monied interests profit from it - from food producers to medical providers to insurance companies.  They in turn finance the legislators who are supposed to write new laws to deal with the issue.  Good luck.

Individually there is a simple solution to most of the problems such as I had.  The solution is to stop eating processed foods, any form of animal based food, along with oils, added salt, and sugars.  Simple.   Not always easy, mind you, but simple.   You don't need to write a congressman or even vote. 

On a national or regional or global level it is more difficult.   But one doctor who I have a lot of respect for is offering his solution.   Rather than provide money (that we don't have) to pay for all the standard medical responses (which only address symptoms) to disease , he proposes to focus on prevention.  What a concept!

Here is Dr. John McDougall, MD with his presentation on solving the health crisis.   If you are not familiar with his work you'll want to listen about what he learned practicing medicine at a sugar plantation on the Big Island of Hawaii.  If you know that background, you can skip to about 15 minutes in when he begins to define our problem and then enumerates his solutions.  Please give him your attention and consider carefully what he says.

We need to tackle this thing.  For our health, for our countries, for our finances, for our children.  This is big.  And WE do have the power!

Doubt it?  By following the recommendations of Dr. McDougall and the other doctors listed in the right hand collumn of this blog, I lost 40 lbs and lowered my blood pressure from over 160/110 to normal and my blood work numbers to optimal.  So have many others.  No meds required!  Just watch what you eat and exercise a bit everyday. 

Be well.  It's up to you.

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