Buy Not, Want Not

Buy Nothing Day Japan was observed on November 29th.   It was the 14th annual observation with meditating "Zenta Claus" figures and elves in front of Hankyu Department Store in Tokyo and other locations around Japan.

Zenta Claus does not buy gifts or carry around a bulky bag; doesn't judge people being naughty or nice; doesn't require people to believe in anything.  Just meditates and advises you to think for yourself rather than be a consumerist "sheep".  Think about where things you might buy are from (sweatshop? ecological disaster area?), and where they will go once you or the person you give it to tires of it.

Buy Nothing Day is observed in some way or other (by some people) in over sixty countries around the world.


Don Snabulus said...

We did buy on November 29. We went to the Portland Chinese Garden and bought appetizers and tea at the tea house there. We strolled around the park and had a lovely time then went home and continued to not shop.

Pandabonium said...


Martin J Frid said...

"The best things in life are free..." and then the tune starts to go downhill ;)

Love the meditating Santas, that's so clever.

Pandabonium said...

Snabby - DOH. I just now realized that I typed December instead of November. Thanks to your comment I finally woke up and corrected it. :)

Martin - Perhaps the best songs in this regard are those that don't mention money or wealth and focus instead on the happiness that life, love, giving, shared experience, etc. can bring.

Blood, Sweat, and Tears - "you made me so very happy, I'm so glad you came into my life" being but one example.