Typhoon 26 - Wipha

In Japan we simply number the typhoons every year. Elsewhere they give them names. The most recent, which passed over us last night and early this morning, was called by a female Thai name - Wipha (wee fa).

This was the strongest typhoon since one that hit a month before I moved here in 2004. Winds were nearly 100 knots near the center, and it dumped a huge amount of rain, causing landslides that killed 13 and injured many more. Not sure how much rain we got here, but it was a lot - perhaps 10 cm per hour - and winds of over 50 knots. Around 30 Shinkansen bullet trains suspended operations, while over 500 flights were cancelled, according to NHK.

Thankfully for us we live in a raised area which drains into the sea 3.5 kilometers to the east and Lake Kitaura 2.2 kilometers to the west. Our house has a tight roof thanks to repairs done after the earthquake of 3/11, and our windows have metal shutters. Our only problems were minor ones. The noise kept us awake much of the night; K's scallop shells which lined part of our garden were blown or washed away; my okra plants were pretty badly beaten up; we lost use of the water due to our well pump being inundated and shorting out for several hours.

Momo has a bed inside the house for such conditions where she was safely ensconced for the night. Her doggy house was weighed down with concrete bricks and sustained no damage.

So, we clean up, rest, and life goes on.

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