Means "moon viewing" and we just had the "harvest moon".  Well, I missed the full moon by one day, but this is close...  September 20, 2013...

Taken with a Nikon D7000, 70-300mm zoom lens set at 300mm, tripod and remote shutter.

In Japan, people eat Tsukimi dango (rice dumplings made from sweet rice called mochi) while moon watching, and offer sweet potatoes to the full moon.   Since the Autumnal Equino, celebrated as Ohigan by Buddhists, occurs close to the harvest moon (the 22nd this year),  in the Edo period people often had long parties to combine Tsukimi and Ohigan over a period of days.

Japanese folklore tells of a rabbit on moon that pounds mochi rice to make dumplings.

Here is the outline of the rabbit and its stone bowl for pounding rice. (picture from wikipedia commons).

Whatever folklore and foods you enjoy,  step outside and enjoy moon viewing!


Tim said...

Tsukimi dango sounds delicious.

Don Snabulus said...

As luck would have it, we attended our local moonviewing at the Portland Japanese Garden.

It was a wonderful evening and our particular evening was clear, so the moon looked brilliant and was augmented by shakuhachi and koto music by a couple very talented musicians. We also had sake, tea, green tea muffins, and sushi with miso soup to round it all out.

Pandabonium said...

Tim - it is that, if you like sweets.

Don - awesome! You had quite an experience. I am green with envy.

Thanks for the link, too.