4,000 Hits

Not on this blog (which has had nearly a quarter of a million hits), but on the baseball bat of Suzuki Ichiro who presently plays for the New York Yankees.

Only three baseball players in history have achieved 4,000 hits:  Peter Rose, Ty Cobb, and now Japan's own Suzuki Ichiro.

What I like about Suzuki-san is that he is very self-disciplined. 

Personally I'm not a baseball fanatic.  The one and only professional league game I ever attended was in Dodger Stadium and to give you an idea of how long ago that was you can Google the name of the pitcher: Sandy Coufax (hint - we're talking the 1960's). 

Not that I dislike the game.  I used to enjoy playing softball for the marketing department of an electronics firm I worked for against the manufacturing and engineering teams.  

This post is dedicated to my high school buddy and fellow trombonist Lynn T who, with his brother, Randy, bring you "Let's Talk Dodgers" via YouTube.  The only Dodgers fan podcast on the net.  Lynn is on the right (how does he play trombone with that mustache?  very well actually!); Randy is on the left.

Frankly they talk so fast and I'm so ignorant about matters baseball, that I don't know what's going on most of the time.  But their enthusiasm is amazing.   And they win points from me for mentioning Suzuki Ichiro in this clip.  For more reasons to like Ichiro, they should look to more of his record of achievements here: reasons why.

Old joke:

Q: What are the last two words of the United States of America's National Anthem?

A: Play Ball!

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Bush said...

Thanks for the re-post of our Let's Talk Dodgers show. Randy and I have been doing this for over 8 years. At first it was only audio but I suggested we do it via video about 5 years ago and it's really beginning to catch on. We have several thousand people who watch the show and post comments so I know we are accomplishing what we set out to do, give Dodger fans a Fan's eye View or "Take" on the team. Randy and I do talk pretty fast at times and that's only because of who swept up we both get talking about our favorite sport...Baseball. Of course we couldn't let the event of Ichiro's 4000 hits go unnoticed. We had to talk about it and while I think it's really something special that was achieved, Randy only consider's the hits he got while playing American Major League baseball as his milestone,which amounts to over 2700 hits. So while we are brother, we do disagree on many things. Thanks again for re-posting our show.