Fijians seek new ways of travel

The future of shipping - sail power.   As fossil fuels deplete* and costs rise ever higher, island nations, such as Fiji, find rising transportation costs making life more difficult.

 Detail drawing of a Greenheart Project ship:

In addition, I have written in the past (back in 2005!) on Pacific Islander about how Vanuatu uses coconut oil - processed into  biodiesel - to power its electrical generation, taxis and buses.   That post is here: "Coconut Crude".  

High time we learn to live sustainably - for ourselves, but more so for coming generations.  Ironically, I think less developed nations will find the transition easier than those stuck in the industrialized world paradigm of always looking to non-renewable energy and ever more complex technology to get things done. 

Sota Tale (see you again in Fijian).

*don't bet on fracking to allow "business as usual" to continue.   I am presently helping to edit a new book by fossil fuel expert Richard Heinberg which will expose fracking as nothing more than environmentally disastrous oil and gas industry "snake oil".

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