Silent Night

JR (Japan Rail) Christmas Express advertisement from 1992.


Rain will change to snow on to late at night
Silent night, Holy night
Christmas Eve one-shot, and I'm sure you will not come
Silent night, Holy night

I feel like I always say, if tonight it is not likely to come true, the thoughts that I have hidden deep in my heart...
Silent night, Holy night

Silver glitter Christmas Tree is in the corner that lasted into the night,
feelings for you still
Silent night, Holy night 

Wherever you are these holidays, I hope you are close to those you love.



Number 9

No, I'm not referring to Revolution 9 by the Beatles.

The fourth movement of Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 is performed throughout Japan every December and was even featured at the Winter Olympics of 1998 in Nagano (see this post from two years ago).

WHY is this music such a hit with the Japanese?  Last year, CBS made this report:

Long time favorite of mine, too. In fact, maybe I'll name my next boat "Ode to Joy".  (nah)

Happy Holidays.