Momo Rocks-in the New Year

Momo likes to drum. When she sits on "her" bench on our front porch and wags her tail, she hits the storage box of the storm shutters which sounds like a drum. Of course, off camera she can really get into it at times and make sound like a "taiko" drum.

2012 is of course the Year of the Dragon. Our friend Arkonbey, who draws comic books and graphic novels (among other talents), recently got the idea for a comic about an all girl puppy band called the "Glitter Dragons". To read about how he came up with the idea and the name, check out this post on his website Obscurum.

Arkonbey emailed and asked if he could model the drummer after Momo and of course we said that would be a great honor. So now Momo is drumming for the "Glitter Dragons".

Here is the band on stage:

Drawing by Arkonbey, over-painting by his significant other, Sweet Enemy

And now the Glitter Dragons have their own blog. Click on the logo above to check it out!

Momo, you rock! You never cease to amaze us. Thank you Arkonbey and Sweet Enemy. Happy New Year of the Glitter Dragons!


Don Snabulus said...

I like their project and they did a fine job on Momo! The animated Momo looks like a happy dog as well.

Pandabonium said...

We live to keep our doggy happy. :^)

I agree, they really captured her for the band.

Lrong said...

New year greetings to Momo and you!

Bush said...

What a cool way to bring in the New Year. I am sure that Momo and the girls will play up a storm in the months a head. Your friend has something with is cartoon. I think it's a chance for some huge exposure for the girls.