Japanese Women Are Burning Their Bras!

It's true. In recent years Japanese women have begun burning their bras.

This isn't a feminist protest, this an ecologically more responsible (and private) way of disposing of old bras.

In Japan, burnable garbage is placed into translucent plastic bags which in turn are put into neighborhood wire bins for collection so that non-burnables (which are handled separately) erroneously mixed in with burnables can be spotted before creating a problem in the system.

Unfortunately, that means personal items such as undergarments may be visible before the bag is collected. Many women are embarrassed by the thought of their bras being seen by others or even snatched by a pervert, and so cut them up into small pieces - not easy as many of them contain wires.

From this

In the last few years major underwear makers in Japan started programs to recycle such items and they offer opaque bags for women to use with the recycling program. And instead of just being incinerated, the bras are recycled into what industry calls RPF - "refuse paper and plastic fuel".

to this.

The fuel is burned in boilers and power generation plants. It is a fraction the cost of coal, burns more cleanly, and produces less carbon dioxide. There is such a growing demand for RPF that one company is expanding their bra collecting efforts to Taiwan.

So, two um.. thumbs up for burning your bras, ladies... after you're done wearing them, of course.

source: Recycling bras kills two birds with one stone - Kyodo News


HappySurfer said...

Very neat way of recycling. Malaysia has a longgggggg way to go to reach what Japan is doing in almost all aspects.

I too was thinking of what a pervert would do just before I read that part. Strange..

Pandabonium said...

Hi HappySurfer

I guess there are weirdos everywhere, eh? Some people, including one I know ;^), have special clothes line drying racks for personal items that has a sort of skirt around it to prevent people from seeing what is being dried.

Don Snabulus said...

Bras are not yet part of American recycling, but recycling has become easier and more widespread in the US over the last decade. We recycle quite a bit more than we put in the garbage can (or rubbish bin) now at our house. We seldom fill more than 1/2 a can anymore even with our busy two income lifestyle.

Bear Bear said...

Such an innovative way to recycle!