Golden Week

by Momo the Wonder Dog

... Well, Golden Week Dog anyway.

Pandabonium and Kimie took a day during Golden Week to go to Tokyo and see a magician, and to sightsee. To make up for the day I had to spend alone, the next day they took me to the "Bark Park" - Suigo Prefectural Forest Park. I've been there twice before and really like it. See K-9 Kool and Bark Park to read about my previous visits.


I like it a lot. It has more trees than I could possibly pee on in a month, and big grassy areas where I can play. The first thing I did when we got there was sniff around a tree and pooh. Heh, heh! Good thing PandaB brought a bag for that. :=p

Helping K spread the picnic blanket.

It was Children's Day in Japan, a national holiday. People fly koinobori (carp streamers) at this time. A top streamer has the family crest, then there is one carp for each family member. It used to be just for boys, but now it's for us girls too. They look very colorful and seem to cheer everyone up.

Tummy rubs are the best.

We had a little picnic and I got bite of each of their sandwiches. After the food was gone, I was most fascinated by the people there - children sliding down a grass slope on a plastic snow sled, kite flying, adults playing tag and baseball, and boys playing with a soccer ball. Wow. I like greeting the local elementary school kids walking by our house to and from school, but I never get to see them at play. I got so focused on people-watching that I lost interest in the games of fetch PandaB and K kept trying to get me to play. Later they told me about the birds I had ignored. Really?


We had a nice walk around the park and across the big suspension bridge (I wasn't even scared this time).



K's "levitating dog" magic trick

wild wisteria

Shrines on the neighboring farmland.

All too soon, it was time to go home. I hope they take me again. It was so much fun!


Oh, and Monday I got a bath and haircut at the doggy beauty parlor. It had been two months and I was getting pretty shaggy and dirty and itchy and stuff. But I'm a happy girl now!

the Wonder Dog


nzm said...

Wow Momo - what a great day! And so good of you to help Kimie spread the blanket. More doggy bones and tummy rubs for you!

Pinkpanther said...

tummy rubs , that's comfy to you Momo, but don't you feel itchy?? :p

Awww....so green. i wish i could go pinic with all of you at there.

Arkonbey said...

Looks like a great day for all!

How do PB and K live with such cute-ness as you possess? It must be exhausting ;)

not to photographer: the shot of the shrines is very nice. The depth of field is just right.

Kehlwok said...

Now my cat is jealous. On the other hand, he is too proud to say so. Tell those people you hang out with that the pictures were nice.

Martin J Frid said...

Nice happy trip there. How about next time you ask to borrow PB's camera and take a photo of him and K together!

HappySurfer said...

Oh Momo, you are just so cute and so helpful! Anyone who questions the latter has just got to check out the second picture. LOL!

Sounds like everyone had fun. Thanks for sharing.