Salty Dog

Regular readers of Pacific Islander know that I don't like the ocean. Oh, playing at the seaside park is great - all that fresh air - but I won't go near the water.

Did you see the dog named Ban in the news? During the March 11 tsunami, she was swept out to sea with her house (I mean her owner's house!) and rescued after three weeks on the water off Kesennuma in Miyagi Prefecture. Her owner saw the rescue on TV and recognized Ban. Ban looked confused after the rescue, but now that her owner came to get her she's one happy doggy. Happy owner, too.

I wonder what she had to eat or drink in all that time? Anyway, happy she's back and glad to find out that human rescue workers will help doggies adrift at sea.


K and S said...

I saw that Momo, I'm glad they were both able to re-connect with one another.

Robin said...

I saw the news and immediately thought about you and the wise panda..

uhooi said...

Uhooi .. Tsunami, natural disasters that need to be aware. Keep the spirit ..!

HappySurfer said...

Hello Momo. My, my, you still look as pretty as ever!

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

Thanks all.

The secret to my youthful look is posting an old picture. :=p