Fate Yanagi

Hawaii's Rap Reiplinger became popular in the 1970s after forming a three man comedy troupe called "Booga Booga". He went on to do solo tours across the US Mainland playing in top clubs including 'The Aladdin' in Las Vegas, 'Catch a Rising Star' in New York, and at 'The Improv' in Los Angeles. He also won an Emmy Award in 1982 for his Public Television special 'Rap's Hawaii,' which he both wrote and starred in, and took home a bronze medal from the International Film and Television Festival of New York for "Most Outstanding Television Production". His video and recordings are still available through the Hawaii music label "The Mountain Apple Company".

The TV special has become a classic and many of the songs and comedy routines are available on YouTube. But who played "Fate Yanagi"?

Her name is Gayln Kong Akaka and in 2008, she was a guest on the Hawaii talk show NightTime with Andy Bumetai. Butemtai himself is a stand up comedian who was influenced by Rap's work.

So here is Gayln talking about what it was like to play Fate Yanagi and who she is in real life.
Good fun. (Why the poster of this video included a minute of commercials at the end I don't know. )


bonnie said...

Hi, Pandabonium. How funny, I go looking for Fate Yanagi and I find you!

Pandabonium said...

Bonnie - Pacific Islander is a repository for many "good stuffs", eh?

bonnie said...

It is indeed, and Google knows it!

Thanks for finding the MySpace version - I wasn't having much luck.