Please Don't Go

For you Christmas travelers out there, here's a tune by long time Japanese pop star Seiko Matsuda titled "Please Don't Go" from her 1987 album "Snow Garden".

It starts with Christmas tunes in the background as a taxi pulls up to a railroad station - goes to the sound of high heels walking then running for the train, whistle blowing, the locomotive chugging to life.... The music is at first soothing strings, but gradually it shifts into a jazz swing with clarinet. Seiko finally starts singing just after the 3 minute mark. The music takes on a Latin rhythm turning into a tango. Amazingly complex for a "pop" tune. The voices in the intro, including railroad announcements, are in English, the song itself, other than "please don't go", in Japanese.

I hope you enjoy it. Happy holidays.


HappySurfer said...

Sweet music to the ears. Thanks for sharing, PandaB.

Pandabonium said...

Thank you, Happy.

Martin J Frid said...

Terrific song for this season, "Fuyu no Eki..." and the train station mood, like an old film. Thanx!!

Pandabonium said...

Glad you enjoy it, Martin. Thanks to Kimie's translation, I appreciate this song much more than I did before, though I've liked it for many years just for the music and effects.