My New House

Pandabonium bought me a new house! It was kit and he put it together for me last month. He had to do some work on some of the parts that weren't cut right at the factory, and use different hardware in places, but what do expect from a dog house kit made in China?

I like it! It is bigger than my old house and has a bigger deck too. Yet, it isn't too big for me. You know, a dog house has to be small enough for the dog in question to be able to maintain a healthy body temperature. Too big a house is a problem. This one seems just right for me.


Kimie also bought new blankets for me (not shown) - with Disney characters on them. They are very soft and comfy. Along with my winter bed warmer, they make me a happy doggy.

So, I've got my new house, my heater, new blankets, and my toys. Life couldn't be sweeter.

My house even has a dog-bone sign over the door with my name on it!


Arkonbey said...

Nice digs, MoMo!

Panda should have bought local, though ;)

nzm said...

Lucky dog, Momo!

If it was any bigger, I would have moved in with you!

PinkPanther said...

more or less like snoopy's house, but color isn't in red though. ^^

Momo, X'mas is coming soon, P&K would put some lightings on the roof of yr. new house?

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

Arkonbey - thanks! I like it. PandaB does buy local whenever he can, but I guess there aren't any dog house builders in Japan anymore.

NZM - Yeah, I'm kinda spoilt. :p Hey, I've got a guest room in my dog house basement if you care to visit.

PP - Snoopy's got a tall roof with an attic. But I've got a deck - I like to lounge around on the deck sometimes. Lights? Hey, great idea. I'll ask about that. :)

HappySurfer said...

That is some cool place you've got there, Momo. Hey, and there's a deck too. Wow!

You know what? Lots of our stuff here are "Made in China" too.