Welcome Back M and J

After a hiatus of over six months, I'm happy to see "M and J Adventures" blog (written by she who goes by NZM) back with a new look and posting more great pics and adventures by this globe trotting duo.

Check out the recent post about their visit to a Picasso Museum in Barcelona, from which I "borrowed" the above image.


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nzm said...

I was surprised to see my image when I opened up your blog, Pandabonium and Momo!

Thanks for the very kind welcome back and sentiments - very much appreciated. xoxo

I have a few posts already lined up - some of Barcelona and other places where we have recently travelled. I have lots more to write about - including our fabulous trip to Bilbao to visit the Guggenheim museum, and our unexpected diversion into Lourdes in South-west France on the same trip!

Also coming up, when Jen has time to work on it, will be an official website for me to promote my images. A long time in the making and waiting!

Michele xo