Three More And She's An Ace

The other night, Kimie went out to check on Momo and found her chewing on a....what is that? One of her toys? A bone? I was called to bring out a torch (flashlight) to see what it was.

None of the above. It was a dead mole which we discovered later had the misfortune of burrowing up right in front of the part of the patio where Momo's food dish is located.

As this is the second time she's caught a mole, I'm thinking of making a stencil so we can paint her kills on the side of her dog house.

Momo was a little put out that we took away her "toy". She didn't understand at all.

Who me? I wouldn't hurt a fly.


nzm said...
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nzm said...

Momo: I admire your mole-hunting skills, but as for eating them...oh well - it's in your nature really, isn't it? ;.)

PB: I do love your stencil idea - do it! At least that way, Momo can never claim to be kamikaze with more than one kill to her record!

The Moody Minstrel said...

At least she didn't drag its reeking, blood-and-guts-oozing carcass into the house and under a desk. My little female cat did that with a squirrel a few weeks back.

Pandabonium said...

NZM - now she wants a new dog house...

Moody - ewww, yuck.