Grazing In The Grass

by Momo the Wonder Dog

When it gets hot around here, I usually hang out under my bench on the patio. Sometimes I'd dig a hole in the shade of the pomegranate tree, but Pandabonium and Kimie would always scold me for doing that. It wasn't good for the tree and I was always getting dirty.

Well, no more. They went out and bought some grass sod and put it down on either side of our front walk, right in front of the patio and some of it is under the pomegranate tree. It's just a few square meters, but plenty for me. Like almost everyone around here, we don't have a lawn. Most folks just grow vegetables and fruit trees or maybe decorative trees, but no lawns.

I really like my little patches of grass. It feels so soft and cool. I don't get dirty nor do my toys and I can lay there and watch the birds, and the bugs, and the whole world go by. Or just snooze.
This week, they're going to plant flowers along the edge.

While I do nibble on the grass by the side of the road - "michikusa" - during my walks, I don't really graze on my grass. But how nice it is to just relax on the grass. Here's The Friends of Distinction with Hugh Masekela's song "Grazing In The Grass":

Can you dig it? No! No more digging!

the Wonder Dog


The Moody Minstrel said...

Now that's one contented-looking canine!

Pandabonium said...

It didn't take her long to get used to this idea.

nzm said...

Go Momo - grass is good!

Too funny - Hugh's "Politician" is playing on my iPod as I write this!

One of Jen's highlights, as a fellow trumpeter, was when we saw Hugh in concert last year. Also enjoyed him appearing in the World Cup opening ceremony and concert.

Arkonbey said...

Well, there's a misconception of Momo busted. Since you always appeared so well-coiffed, I thought you were too fastidious to get down and dirty. Nice to see you're not afraid to get a little messed up.

I'm anti-lawn, myself. My neighbor is a lawn guy (despite the fact we both live in the woods in a semi-rural area).He tends to grumble good-naturedly about our dandelions infecting his pristine lawn.

Pandabonium said...

NZM - Momo was going to use a clip of Hugh at the World Cup, but decided on this version for the lyrics.

Arkonbey - Momo likes the dirt. Even eats it sometimes - like in Buck's The Good Earth.

I'm anti-lawn too. Around here dadelions are food - blossoms and greens especially.

Arkonbey said...

@panda: We eat dandelions, too. Sweet Enemy makes dandelion pesto every spring. She'd freeze it for winter enjoyment, but it always gets entirely eaten...

PinkPanther said...

If P&K are going to plant flowers along the edge, don't let MOmo lying on the lawn. I doubt she would tread them.@_@a