K-9 Kool

Normally I'd let Momo write about this, but decided just to post some pics with brief comments as I think the pics speak (bark) for themselves. (click pics to enlarge)

Back in April, we had some nice weather one weekend and decided to give Momo a birthday present of some time at a favorite park - Suigo Prefectural Forest Park.

So many trees! And the lake below with a wild cherry tree still in bloom above. Doggy heaven.

She loved playing on the big grass amphitheater - back and forth between PandaB and K.

Great day at the park. One very happy doggy!


Arkonbey said...

That is one happy dog!

And that bridge looks straight out of FF VII

Don Snabulus said...

What a beautiful day. We are starved for one of those over here in the rain belt. I might add that your diet appears to be successful. Congrats!

HappySurfer said...

Love Momo's flapping ears. So cute! Make me smile.. Thanks for sharing.

ladybug said...

Momo looks so great since she's been going to the dog "salon". I'm sure she feels much more comfortable too! Explores are always good for our pets!