Bouncing Spring

On April 3, we visited Shiroyama (castle hill) park to view the cherry trees. It was good timing, as the trees were about fifty percent in bloom. The mix of flowers and buds lent a more pink tinge to everything.

The city had prepared an earthen stage and some dance groups performed to celebrate spring. Some women from neighboring Itako City performed a dance about the brides in their town who ride a boat down a canal as part of the ceremony. More about the brides of Itako here: Princess Brides and Shrieking Eels!

The weather was warming and it seemed we could soon look forward to lighter clothing, sunny days, and sailing on lake Hinuma. In the following weeks, however, the weather has swung between warm sunny days and cold rainy ones. And then, this morning, April 17th, it snowed!

Our front yard on this fine spring day!

The Japan Meteorological Agency says the record cold April is due to fluctuations in the Arctic oscillation combined with the influence of el Nino conditions in the Pacific. As a result, air masses have been clashing over the Japan archipelago bringing us the wild weather.

I'll be happy when it all gets sorted out and I can trade my winter clothing for shorts and an Aloha shirt and we can try out Bluesette's new sails!


K and S said...

the world is definitely falling apart. the weather is so unpredictable! stay warm!

The Moody Minstrel said...

And throughout it all, my school is trying to prepare for its sports festival! Arrrgggh...