Solo's Kindi Update

See the December 13th post, Solo's Kindergarten for background if you missed it. Thanks to everyone who offered to chip in to make this dream become a reality.

This update comes from Stephen Noble of Taveuni Island Rotary Club:

"Today was a big day for the children of Soqulu as we opened our new Kindergarten with the blessings of Father Crispin. Hard work has paid off as the school is up and running now with 22 students with a few more to join up by the end of the week. Father said a few words and cut the ribbon to officially open the school. Father also expressed the importance of pre-school and the value it has when advancing on to the next grade. I would like to thank everyone for their support. Remember we can always use more donations to better our school. I know the children of Soqulu and other areas can count on you."

They have even started a web page - Solo's Kindergarten

Here are the pictures from opening day featuring teacher, Ane Sivo, Father Crispin, Stephen Noble, and of course, most importantly, the students.

Vinaka Vaka Levu for your support!