Panda Poop Earns An "Ig Nobel" Prize

From CNET News:
"A team at the Kitasato University Graduate School of Medical Sciences in Sagamihara won the [Ig Nobel] biology prize for "demonstrating that kitchen refuse can be reduced more than 90 percent in mass by using bacteria extracted from the feces of giant pandas."


A Japanese and two Chinese researchers who developed a method to cut kitchen waste by using bacteria from giant panda poop were awarded the 2009 Ig Nobel Prize for Biology in Boston on Thursday.

The award, a parody of the Nobel Prize, is handed out each October by the Improbable Research organization at Harvard University for "research that makes people laugh, and then think."

Fumiaki Taguchi, pictured, is a professor emeritus at Kitasato University's graduate school of medical sciences in Sagamihara, Kanagawa Prefecture. He shared the prize with Song Guofu and Zhang Guanglei of China. (IHT/Asahi: October 3,2009)

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Jennifer said...

This the Panda is worth saving.

Pandabonium said...

Jennifer - Ah, the Panda and the whole world is worth saving. Special poop or no. ;^)

Nice blog. The Panda videos are so cute.

Don Snabulus said...

Seems more "nobel" than some of the Nobel laureates. Good work!

HappySurfer said...

Amazing! Deserving award. Thanks for sharing.

Robin said...

Well deserving..

The Moody Minstrel said...

I agree with Don. Funny how something that actually accomplishes something is called "ignoble".