Zoom Zoom Zoom

Forget the Mazda ads. I mean ZOOOOM!

As I mentioned back in July when I saw "an unusual formation" of JASDF aircraft fly over, there is an air show happening next Sunday, the 13th of September at Hyakuri Airbase not very far from us.

By the way, the following day, I saw another unusual formation and it circled the area twice. It was, as I suspected connected to the airshow, but it was not a rehearsal. Rather, it was a photo op flight, with the Kawasaki trainer being used as the camera plane.

In the poster below, you can see Kashima Football Stadium (soccer for Americans) in the lower left, Kashima Jingu Shrine (the green area under the 2nd airplane, an RF-4EJ Phantom) and somewhere off the nose of the closest plane (a Mitsubishi F-15J) "Ye Old Academy" where the Moody Minstrel teaches.

Flying starts at 0900 and ends at 1430, with the last hour being the Blue Impulse performance.

Schedule of flying, directions to the base, etc. can be found here:

Go sailing on Saturday or to the airshow on Sunday? (K needs a day of rest on the weekend). Tough choice! But the airshow is only once a year, so Bluesette will have to wait.


HappySurfer said...

Thanks for pointing out the landmarks. Nice to know.

Enjoy the air-show, PandaB.

Arkonbey said...

Will the Blue Impulse Jr. be there?

They crack me up.

Pandabonium said...

Happy - we did!

Arkonbey - Those are funny. Never seen them in person however. At Iruma Air Base in Saitama last year they had kids off to one side riding Blue Impusle pedal cars. At Hyakuri, they have a two car train pulled by a Blue Impulse "engine". They give kids rides in them and go up and down right between the flight line and the taxiway - best seats at the show.

Anonymous said...

The Blue Impulse are entirely run by kids on electric bikes. It is part of the government's "minus six" program, where everyone six years or younger get to do their duty for the country and the flag. How they get the sparks to fly all the way up to the planes is still a national security concern, so don't try to blog about it. Just pedal away!