New Pictures From Solo's Kindie

As reported here earlier (Solo's Kindergarten, Solo's Kindi Update) late last year a Kindergarten was set up on Taveuni Island, Fiji for the children of Soqulu Village. Here are the latest pictures taken on July 31st - for National Pre-school Week:

For those who missed earlier posts, here's some background from the school's website, donatefiji.com :

Solo's Kindie

A local kindergarten in the Soqulu Village on Taveuni Island in Fiji. Preschool education is not subsidized in Fiji so kids in rural areas like the island of Taveuni have a low rate of preschool attendance. This means a lot of kids are unprepared for the first grade in school and suffer late academic development. Solo's operates completly on donated funds.

Taveuni Estates : Soqulu Village

Taveuni Estates was built around the local village of Soqulu (pronounced Song-goo-loo), which was once a copra plantation, so there is a Fijian village within the subdivision and many children living there. The Taveuni Rotary Club, the people of Soqulu Village, residents and land owners, and Taveuni Estates Ltd., which manages the subdivision, have come together to make this kindergarten a reality.

They can still use our help. For more pictures and information on how you can donate, visit the Solo's Kindergarten website or contact Stephen Noble at lovelyisle@connect.com.fj .

Vinaka vaka levu for your support!


Robin said...

So cute...

I like the design of the clothes.. so colourful and happy

ladybug said...

Thank you for the update Panda! This is just the sort of thing we love to hear about, and it seems to be working! I checked out the website, but couldn't see what they still wanted...help?

Pandabonium said...

Robin - I'd like to have a "Bula shirt" like the boys are wearing.

Ladybug - for specifics on what they need other than money donations, you'd need to email Stephan Noble at the address I listed. Thanks for your interest.