Rainy Dog Day

It's "tsuyu" in Japan - rainy season - and it was another "rainy dog day" today. Rain means I don't get my walks and have a pretty boring day. Even the birds don't come around. On days like this, Pandabonium comes out from time to time to talk to me, scratch me, and sometimes give me treats.

Then, in the afternoon, K and PandaB put me in the car. I started to shiver, thinking it was time for another visit to the vet, but instead they took me to the beauty parlor. Whew. I'm still not sold on the experience, but at least I get a nice bath and hair cut. It feels good.

I hadn't been since April (see Beach, Bath, and a Makeover) and my hair was long and because of the rains, dirty, even though I'd had a bath in between. This time, I got a summer cut to stay cool, and instead of bows on my ears, I decided on a bandana (or kerchief).

I got a red bandana with white pokkadots

With my fur short, you can see my brown spots

Days like this make me feel special and loved. A rainy dog day turned into a "rainy good dog day".


ladybug said...

Momo, you look so cute! and I think the Bandanna is a better choice too! Last but not least, I'm sure you will be much more comfortable during the hot (and humid?) summer - I need a hair cut as well...

Don Snabulus said...

That is cool Momo. Jeebus doesn't like baths, probably because he is a cat. He keeps himself pretty clean though (at least until he gets into the bedstraw and covers himself with sticky seeds). He also doesn't like any kind of adornment...he still has a bit of wild in him.

nzm said...

As gorgeous as ever, Momo!

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

Ladybug - thanks. I'm not crazy about wearing stuff, but the bandanna doesn't bother me like the bows in my ears did. It feels good to have short hair this time of year, and the beauty parlor gets it much shorter than PanadB or K does.

Yeah, get a summer cut. Good for humans too. :p

Uncle Snabby - I don't like water much either, but I make an exception for baths.

Nzm - blush.

HappySurfer said...

Aww... you are a sight for sore eyes, Momo! And that bandana looks great on you. You know something? You could easily pass as a toy doggie in a toyshop with that so very white fur of yours and that nice rebonded hair around your ears. LOL!

"How much is that doggie in the window?" hehe..

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

HappySurfer - thanks. wag wag wag. 'rebonded hair'? Ha. I'm all natural. :p