Home Is Where We All Live

If you liked Baraka, you will love Home

(If you get the "copyright" message, or would like to see a slightly larger version, click here)

Home is a film by world renowned photographer, Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

A review on Energy Bulletin dot com says, "From belugas in the Arctic to skyscrapers in Dubai. From glaciers in Himalayas to devastated Easter Island. The images of the Earth captured from above are breathtaking. And the scale of the challenge that lays ahead of us is breathtaking as well. We have 10 years left to change the way we live – to change technologies, economy, governance and above all the consumer culture. There is no technological fix that will do the trick of changing our habits and choosing more sustainable lifestyles. We have to do it on our own."

All I can say is, watch "Home".

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Anonymous said...

At last, I can get the YouTube image on my computer. It's slow, though. Under the name of development, the earth is suffering.