Sayonara, Princess Kaguya

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) project Selene (also called "Kaguya") ended on June 11th. The moon exploration satellite, named for the extra-terrestrial heroin HEROINE of Japan's very first novel (yes! Japan's first literary work, written in the late 9th or early 10th century, was about an E.T.!), had finished it's mission of mapping the moon with radar and high definition television, and was deliberately crashed into the moon's surface.

Princess Kaguya weeping over having to leave her Earthly love and return to the Moon

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At the end, Kaguya filmed the trip all the way down with HD (high definition) TV, skimming the surface until at last she plunged into the Moon just beyond the lighted area.

Now, the USA has it's own satellite orbiting the moon - the LRO, or Lunar Reconnaissance Obiter - with a similar mission of mapping with photo images and radar. The purpose is to find future landing sites for manned visits to the moon and possibly extended stays. Like Kaguya, the LRO will eventually be sent into the surface. When it goes, a second probe will follow it through the plume of dust it sends up in order to study the materials ejected. The hope is to find frozen water which might be used by future missions to make water and also hydrogen fuel for rockets and oxygen for breathing.

Sayonara, Kaguya. You are truly home at last. Mission well done.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Hey Panda,
What is 'extra-terrestrial heroin'? Okay, I know it's only a slip of keying in.
What are the people there saying about Michael Jackson? The story has taken over the pages of all of our papers here, long TV programs etc. An ultimately sad life and death I think.

Pandabonium said...

Wendy - Heroin. Ha! How else could she get so high? There are underground domes on the moon filled with opium poppies! OK - You caught me in a very unusual mistak. ;)

I suppose Jackson's death is big news among his fans here as anywhere. He came to Japan five times on solo tours. I don't have TV so can't comment on that coverage, but online newspapers are just carrying the news stories from the wire services. I've not had in personal conversations about it other than with K while listening to the news.

ladybug said...

Thanks for this story Panda...haven't seen a thing about it here...wish Japan's space explorations much success!

Love the picture of the Princess too!

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Pandabonium said...

Ladybug - thanks for explaining "Hulu". It sounded like a character from "Hawaii 5-0" - "book 'em Hulu"!