Beach, Bath, and a Makeover

Sunday turned out to be a big day for me. After my morning walk, we got into the car and went to the beach at Kashimanada Seaside Park. I didn't want to go at first as I thought they were taking me to the Vet again. After a while I realized we were going the opposite direction from the Vet and just settled down for the ride.

I hadn't been to the beach in ages. October of 2007 in fact! (which you can read about here if you missed it: Cool Salty Air. The weather was perfect at 21° C or so (about 70° F) with a gentle breeze off the ocean. There were lots of other dogs around, but the park is so big I never got very close to any of them.

Pandabonium brought his new camera to try out. It's a little Pentax Optio W60 that is waterproof so he can take pictures while sailing. He said Uncle Francis (aka FH2O) down in Borneo is getting one too for kayaking.

I had my portable water dish with me and some treats. Pandabonium and K stopped along the way to pick up bento lunch.

They have some cool climbing equipment there and a big long slide. Lots of kids were playing on that.

The grass had just been cut and I got a lot of clippings and weeds stuck in my long hair. K had to brush me when we got home.

We walked along the boardwalk. It goes up high and through the tops of pine trees. I didn't like it much. I wanted to be on the ground. K and Pandabonium seemed to enjoy it though.

Perhaps the best thing about today was all the attention I got. Walking up the long hill to the car, I got tired and hot and so they took turns carrying me most of the way back to the car.

On the road home, Pandabonium stopped to take a picture of a big mast of koinobori - carp streamers. We have some of them in our neighborhood too, but this one had eight streamers! The top streamer has the family crest on it, the others represent the sons in the family. They are flown in April and May for Children's Day, which is a national holiday. Nowadays, many people - like our neighbors across the street who have two girls - fly carp streamers for daughters as well as for sons.

No sooner had we gotten home, than K brushed me out and put me back in the car. This time they took me somewhere I've never been before - a doggy hair salon! I was nervous at first and didn't want the lady there to touch me, but she seemed nice and so I let her pet me and hold me. But after K and PandaB left, when she put me on the table I started squirming around and trying to bite at her. She almost called K to come get me and cancel the whole thing, but she kept working with me until I calmed down.

First I got a nice warm bath and shampoo. Then she dried me with a hair drier mounted on a big metal arm. It was pretty scary looking to me, and loud. After that she cut my hair - a lot! I never have liked having my hair cut, even by K or Pandabonium. Finally, she used the blow drier again while brushing and combing me out. At first I gave her a hard time when she put a bow in one of my ears, but then relaxed when she tied one on the other ear. I guess I could get used to it all.

I have to admit I like my "makeover" (even with bows in my ears), and it sure will be more comfortable in the warm weather.

K says I'll go back now every two to three months keep my fur neat, trimmed, and clean. I'll still get baths at home, of course.

Well, what do you think of my new look?


k said...

I didn't know she's so white.

ladybug said...

Momo, love the new look! I'm sure once you get used to it, it will be more fun and relaxing for you.

My brother & his wife are now flying the carp flags off their apt deck now they have an 8-month old son. He is very cute!

HappySurfer said...

K, I too noticed how white Momo is.

Momo, you look soooo pretty. Wow! What a makeover. I love!

Don Snabulus said...

Momo, you are all fluffy. Very dapper indeed. Jeebus (my cat) is jealous, but he will survive.

It was a beautiful day for the coast. We are having similar weather at the moment and I am happy for it after our very cold winter this year.

Does Moody Minstrel know about that beach? He needs a good beach. The Kashima beaches can be a bit garbaged up as I witnessed myself many years ago.

word verification: fider - An apple cider with a punch.

PinkPanther said...

Truely a whole new look, Momo. [Especially with 2 pink bows]. Pretty Girl. ^_^

nzm said...

Great look, Momo.

Seems as if the day was all about you!

A girl can get quite spoiled at times, and it's nice to be pampered.

Lap it up!

The Moody Minstrel said...

The new look is great, but you look awfully sad-eyed in that last few pics. Are you're sure you're comfortable with the makeover?

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

Thanks for the feedback everyone.

K - you know I look white when my hair is short, washed, brushed. When it gets long it is hard to clean. Please keep taking me to the beautician so even in winter I'll look clean. :P

Ladybug - wow. carp flags in Oregon. Cool.

HappySurfer - wags and licks for you!

Uncle Snabby - I'm afraid of the ocean, but like the fresh air. Moody does know that park. It has some litter (plastics mostly) but not near as bad as areas nearer the port.

PinkPanther - thanks. The bows bothered me actually and I kept shaking my head. Finally PB and K took them out for me. I'll get a bandana next time.

NZM - yeah, I got lots of attention. Maybe too much. I was tired after that day. Better than getting left behind though.

Moody - aw, I was just tired of PandaB taking my picture. It feels good to be clean and get rid of the winter coat.

Oscelot said...

Wow, Momo looks incredible! What a difference a trim will make. And what a nice day! The Panda's new camera is very nice too. I'll have to see about getting one myself. :)

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

Thanks Oscelot. I'm a transformed doggy. (though I still like being an outdoor dog and getting dirty). :P

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

What a great day for a dog! You would love our ocean beaches over here....but many are barred to doggies! You do look fine after your bath, not a slumdog millionaire doggie at all!

Robin said...

Hi mo mo..

hope u didn't get too much sandy on your fur and paws.

Bear Bear said...

Momo, you are so pretty! You should wear these bows often!

Even Xiao Bai is a boy, I still like to wear pretty bows and ribbons on him! But he doesn't like it at all! XD

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

Wendy - Thanks. I hear Australia has some fantastic beaches - and warmer weather. I'm happy where I am though. Not a slum dog? thank you. I don't want to be a millionaire anyway. I'll settle for regular meals and love. I think humans would do well to do the same. :p

Hi Robin - I didn't get all sandy. I mostly walked on the grass.

Bear Bear - thank you. I guess the bows are OK for a day, but then I want them off of my ears. I'd never had them before.