Bark Park

by Momo the Wonder Dog

I got my first ride in K's new car on Tuesday afternoon. Unfortunately, it was a ride to the vet to have him look at my left ear which has gotten infected. I'm always scared when going there, but it wasn't so bad after all and I got medicine to make my ear get better.

I take the powdered medicine twice a day with my food. PandaB and K weren't sure how to give me the morning dose because I often just save my breakfast kibble for later in the day. Then PandaB thought of plain yogurt, which K usually has for breakfast. I like it! A lot.

It's no wonder then, that Wednesday morning when PandaB came to tell me that we were going for another ride in the car, I tried to hide in my doggy house. I thought they were taking me back to the vet.

Wednesday was a national holiday - Showa Day. It used to be Emperor Showa's Birthday (known to westerners as Emperor Hirohito), but then they changed it to "Greenery Day". Later they moved Greenery Day to May 4th and made April 29th "Showa Day". Humans are so confusing. Anyway, it was a holiday and Pandabonium and K were taking me to a park. Woof!

I was not impressed with the new car. I still rode as I always do - curled up at PandaB's feet. I don't like looking out the window, it makes me dizzy. The new car smells funny too. K says all new cars smell funny for a while. Snort! Wake me when we get there.

The car's navigation system got us there in just 20 minutes via a route that my humans hadn't thought of. It was kind of weird hearing a strange woman's voice from a speaker telling K when to turn the car. The park is called Suigo Prefectural Forest Park and my humans first found it a few weeks ago. You can read about that here: A Walk In The Woods

It has lots of paths, a lake, and more trees of more varieties than a dog could dream of. There are big grassy areas too. There were other doggies, men fishing on the shores of the lake, and some even in the lake. PandaB said the trees had a lot more leaves than they did just a few weeks back.

Chlidren were playing on the grass too, but it wasn't at all crowded.

We walked the whole length of the park and saw an ancient burial mound and rested a while on the grass. The next picture was taken right after I surprised K with big doggy kiss on her face! Tee hee.

Then we walked back a different way through the trees. It was warm and I was doing my best to stay in the shade. Time flew by and soon, it seemed, it was time to go home. After a morning of walking, I was ready for a rest.

Thanks K and Pandabonium. That was awesome. I hope we can go there again soon.


ladybug said...

Wow Momo! You are sure looking great with your new "do"! That park sounds like alot of fun, I hope you'll get to visit often. I wish there were more holidays here, so we could take advantage of more free time to explore like Panda & K do from time to time!

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

Ladybug - thanks. wag wag wag. I don't like riding in the car much, but I sure have fun when we visit a park.

HappySurfer said...

Hi Momo, that visit to the park must have been so much fun. Hope you get to go there more often.

Olivia said...

Momo you are SO CUTE! I'm glad you had a happy day in the park in the sunshine, to make up for the unpleasantness at the vet earlier :)

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

Happy - I was really exciting to visit a new park. I could play all day at a place like that.

Olivia - wag wag wag. thanks. Vet? oh, yeah, I almost forgot. :p

The Moody Minstrel said...

The park is definitely a doggy sort of place, wot?

I'm curious to know which route Panda and K used to get there. Please ask them for me.

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

Moody - the first time they went by going to the south end of Kitaura and driving through Itako.

This time, they went across Kitaura Bridge (prefecture road 186), to 185, then left on 50 to the park. K says it seems the obvious way now.

Bear Bear said...

Xiao Bai looks at your photos with his envy eyes! Awww!

Uhm...I promised Xiao Bai that I will bring him to Botanic Gardens too, that place has many parks!

You look so pampered when K hug you!

Stay healthy!!!

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

Bear Bear - oh, do take Xiao Bai to the gardens. I'm sure he'd love it.
K does give me lots of affection. I feel lucky.

Woof. wag wag wag.