Take Me For A Drive

I have this song video on a DVD that K gave to me back in 2002, and now someone has put it up on youtube.

"Drive ni tsuretette" (Take me for a drive) is fun for me on many levels. First of all, it is a song by Miki Imai, who is my favorite Japanese pop singer, but beyond that it was filmed starting in Lancaster, California out in the desert about 40 miles north-northeast of where I grew up - the San Fernando Valley. It is also just a couple of miles north of Palmdale airport where all of the Space Shuttles were built, some planes my dad designed parts for flew - SR-71 for example, and near where my nephew Lewis (the flying instructor) lived for a while.

The car in the video is a 1966 Ford Thunderbird, which is the same model car that my mother had when I was in high school and thus got to drive, except Mom's was silver and had a white "Landau" top.

Other trivia - note the parked 1957 Corvette when Miki pulls into the diner. Then there's little angel figurine she buys and puts on the dashboard which says "Music fills the heart with joy".

At the end, the movie on the marquee at the theater is "Killer Potatoes Attack", which I don't think was an actual movie, but there is a movies titled "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" and "Attack of the Killer Potatoes" was the title of a 1997 children's book. The Orpheum theater is located in Los Angeles.

Best of all, perhaps, the theater, itself is an historic one. Built in 1926, the Orpheum theater on Broadway was owned and operated by the Orpheum vaudeville circuit and featured performers such as Eddie Cantor and Will Rogers. Jack Benny is said to have met his wife "Mary" while he was working here. Mary Livingston was a lingerie salesperson across the street at the May Company department store (a chain I worked for just after graduating college). Special movie events are still held at the Orheum, sometimes with silent films accompanied by the completely restored Wurlitzer organ.

So, keep all that in mind as you watch, and enjoy the ride. Besides, in two or three years, when peak oil really grabs hold, a music video may be the closest you get to cruising Southern California in a T-bird...

An English translation can be found about halfway down this webpage: Imai Miki Lyrics


HappySurfer said...

Wow! It sure is nice to have a DVD of the place you grew up in and which holds such fond memories. That's a lovely song. Not difficult to see why she's your favorite pop-singer. Thanks for sharing.

Martin J Frid said...

Nice, this triggers a lot of memories here. You know I used to be a big fan of Imai Miki too. And I learnt how to drive in a 1978 Ford Fairmont Station Wagon, with the gear shift on the bloody stearing wheel - NOT easy. And I did spend some time driving around California (in a 1972 VW Beetle) in the summer just before going to Japan in 1988.

Robin said...

T-bird... wow.. I like that

Pandabonium said...

Happy - kind of fun, yeah?

Martin - A friend in college had a Chevy with the shift on the steering column. Arg. Both my sisters had VW Bugs in late 60's. You'll have to tell me about your adventures there sometime.

Robin - nice car at the time. "and she'll have fun fun fun 'til her daddy takes the T-bird away" - Beach Boys.