Doggy Surgery

by Momo the Wonder Dog

Well, while Pandabonium finishes writing about their Hiroshima trip, I guess I'll bring you up to date with what I've been doing lately.

As regular readers may recall, I wandered into PandaB and K's lives a few years back. I don't remember much of life before that other than being lost, dirty and hungry. So they didn't know much about me either - how old I am, what kind of medical care I'd had, etc. The doctor had to guess my age by looking at my teeth.

They've been worried about me maybe having puppies some day, but perhaps I was too old for the kind of surgery they do to prevent that without risk of complications. My veterinary doctor had good news this month. There is an alternative to major surgery now. It's a small implant that puts medicine in my body and keeps me from having that "female problem" every 6 months. It lasts up to five years. It just takes a small incision, about 3 cm long on the back of my neck where the implant goes. So yesterday I went in for the procedure.

I wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything after 10 pm the night before. I was plenty scared as K drove me to the clinic in the morning. I just laid on the car floor and shivered. The doctor put me under general anesthesia so I wouldn't feel a thing. Next thing I knew, I had a shaved neck painted with some iodine or something on it, and some stitches just below my collar on the back of my neck in the middle of the shaved area. PandaB and K came and got me later in the day after the doc said I was OK to go home. Boy was I glad to see them!

I was really hungry when I got home, but all I could have was water. That kind of upset me and I barked my complaints every fifteen or twenty minutes, but it didn't help. Finally, at 8 pm I was allowed to have dinner. I was starving and could have eaten twice as much as usual. My nice warm bed felt really good though - Pandabonium had cleaned my dog house - and I slept better than I have in a while. In the morning I was still hungry and gobbled down my breakfast. I have to take antibiotics for a week, which PandaB and K mix into my food. I hardly notice it. Next week I'll go have the stitches removed.

Like I said, I was scared yesterday. But today, I felt great. The incision doesn't itch or bother me in any way and I had great walks and enjoyed the nice sunny weather. It's like nothing happened. I'm glad it's over.

Of course, I can't see the shaved area or the incision, so I don't have to feel funny about how I look. I guess it's a good thing I don't have a mirror in my dog house!

the Wonder Dog


❤ IceGlacial™ ❤ said...

It's nice to hear from Momo again!

I wish i had a dog.. XD duh i wish for so many things, and not all of them came true yet..

I wish to go to Japan, i wish i could have a dog, blah blah blah.

Enough of my ranting, :)

Bear Bear said...

That's good news Momo, now you can be carefree without the "female problem" for 5 years. Stay healthy! :D

ladybug said...

It's good to know your ok Momo! A small bit of discomfort for big relief of a problems sounds good to me!

Jeebus said...

Get well soon Momo (but don't chase cats).

K and S said...

Oh Momo! O-daijini!

jam said...

That's good, a major surgery and pain can be avoided. Over here in Malaysia, I dun think we have this technology yet.

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

IceGlacial - thanks. remember - a dream is a wish your heart makes. So maybe you have lots of wishes, but follow your heart, follow your dreams.

BearBear - yeah, no worries for a long time now.

Ladybug - I agree, and not to have to go through major surgery at my age is a relief both for me and for my humans.

Thanks Jeebus. I have a urge to chase cats when I seem them, but don't worry, I'm never allowed to do it.

Thank you K and S. I'm feeling fine and think I'm lucky to have a good doctor who is concerned about me and so many friends too.

Jam - Thank you. I'm lucky. I just hope humans act responsibly and try to prevent the millions of unwanted dogs and cats that put to death each year from being born in the first place.

nzm said...

Hey Momo

Good to know that you're feeling better and that all is under control for the next 5 years.

There's nothing worse than going out for a night on the town and waking up the next day with no memory of what you got up to, and panicking that an end result could be a litter of puppies that won't know their father.

But - here's a tip. Forget about the mirror in the kennel. My friend, you need to put in for one of these abodes.

When PB and K have set it up for you, let me know and I'll come and stay awhile!

Olivia said...

Momo, well aren't you on the cutting edge of pet medicine? Pretty soon you'll forget there's anything there and it will be so convenient not having the female problem.

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

NZM -thanks. Wow, you like to dream a lot don't you? :P I'm happy with my little house. I'll never have to worry about a dog house mortgage "bubble".

Olivia - yeah, it's a big relief. I wish more pet owners were responsible. You know what humans do with all those unwanted dogs and cats - millions of them each year in the USA alone. I might have been one of those if I hadn't found PandaB and K.

Happysurfer said...

Well, hello there, Momo! Does it mean you could now go paint the town red whenever you feel like it? Oops! Don't tell PandaB or K I'm giving you ideas. LOL!

So glad you are doing just great. Get well soon. *Hugs*

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

Ha ha. Thanks Happysurfer. One thing's for sure, I'll have a lot fewer doggy visitors!