Cool As A Jewel

By Momo the Wonder Dog

Just some bits and bobs (as the English say) about what's going on in my world. Be sure to click on any pictures you like to see larger versions of them.

Pandabonium bought a bread maker a while back and is baking a lot of bread now. He makes whole wheat bread which he can't find in any store, and also white breads. He says it is easy as he just puts in the ingredients and pushes a button. The machine does all the work. About 5 hours later, he takes out a nice loaf of bread. Sometimes K gives me some. :p It can also make mochi rice cakes, but those are too chewy for me.

I think it's too hot to bake things, but he says the bread maker only heats up for a little while and is small, so is more efficient and less of a heat source than a regular oven would be. Whatever. I'm not in the kitchen. I do like the smell of things baking.

Summer can get hot, but there are also interesting things to see around the house and yard. We have a cactus plant in bloom for instance. Really. You probably don't think of cactus and Japan at the same time. Me neither, but it makes me laugh because I think of Snoopy's brother, Spike.

Pretty, but don't get too close!

K has two new hibiscus plants. They are pretty. Pandabonium says they remind him of Hawaii and Fiji.

This big moth stopped for a rest on our front door. He had a wingspan of over 5cm. Not huge, but pretty big for a moth, and cool looking, don't you think?

And this smaller one was on the laundry room window.

I spotted an amageru (Japanese tree frog) on one of Pandabonium's basil plants. Maybe he liked the smell of basil, or perhaps he was using his camouflage while he tried to stay cool and look for bugs to eat.

Pandabonium has lots of plants growing this summer, mostly veggies and some fruits. He rides his bicycle to the garden shop for supplies sometimes and it amazes me how much he can carry.

Staying cool as a jewel just got easier for me. Pandabonium and K bought two big yoshizu (reed blinds) that lean against the patio roof and shade my house and half the patio.

They are 240 cm (almost 8 feet) long and would not fit into K's car. I had to wonder who was driving up when they came home because the store had loaned them a Suzuki mini-truck. Pretty nice of them. K said it was brand new with less than 1400 km (870 miles) on it. I didn't get to ride along. No dogs allowed.

Well, that's about it for now. Oh, I had to go to the Vet for an ear infection a couple of weeks ago. I have to admit that I was shaking because I didn't know what to expect. He turned out to be real nice and his nurse hugged me. He gave me some medicine to take for a week and I'm all better now.

Maybe I'll get to go to the beach one of these days.

I hope you are enjoying summer too.


The Moody Minstrel said...

I love those breadmakers! We have one here at home, too, but for some reason, after intensive use from 2002-2004, it has sat idle. You can make so many different things with them, and they're so easy to use!

Basil plants...I've been wanting to try planting those in my small and slowly developing garden. Are they hard to take care of?

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

Moody - They are easy, but you have to feel a "knead" for home baked bread (he he he) or you might lose interest. He likes full-on whole wheat bread and organic food at that, so making it himself is the only way to go.

From what I see, basil plants are easy. He just grew some from seed and now has several. All he does is water 'em now. Rosemary is easy too - doesn't even need much water.

PinkPanther said...

Hello Momo, haven’t seen you blog for a while. Miss U. :-)

I thought if those two yoshizu (reed blinds) to be used as mattress, must feel COOL! I have a hat make from reed which is usually used it at home when I hang clothes at the rooftop.

Love that photo {a smaller moth was on the laundry room window}, so artistic.

(^oo^) bad girl (^oo^) said...

i like......

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

PinkPanther - Hi. Nice to see you - wag wag wag. Moths can be as pretty as butterflies. I liked the contrast of patterns of that moth and the glass. Thanks. :p

(^oo^) bad girl (^oo^) - thanks for visiting.

K and S said...

I am jealous of your bread maker, healthy looking basil and you keeping cool, Momo :) Hope you are enjoying summer too!

Don Snabulus said...

Those are some nice pictures Momo. Shade is a good thing where you are. My cat has had a pretty good summer with some hot weather but generally very dry and I always make sure he has water. He stays under a fort I built for my daughter...actually he gets more use out of it than she does.

The plants are beautiful.

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

Thanks Uncle Snabby. The shade makes a big difference for me. K always makes sure my water tank is full and well shaded.

Under the fort is probably good. Sometimes I like to dig in under a bush - same idea. Say hi to Jeebus for me.

Happysurfer said...

Hello Momo, those are very nice pictures and thanks for the update. Those hibiscus flowers are pretty. Did you know that hibiscus is Malaysia's national flower? Wish there are more planted here though.

Hope your ear is completely healed now. Enjoy your summer too.

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

My ear is all better, thanks Happysurfer. :p

I didn't know about your national flower. PB tells me that the yellow hibiscus is the official State flower of Hawaii.

Bear Bear said...

I love these photos!!! And PB breads!!! I want to bake too...Please post more posts like this next time Momo!^^

Xiao Bai also got some ear infection with some foul smell coming out from his ears few weeks ago. After taking him to the Vet, I got some medicine for him and I helped him to clean his ear daily. He is better now. You and Xiao Bai have floppy ears. That's why! Heee

Xiao Bai said Take care and Woof-bye for now to Momo! ^^

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

Bear Bear - thanks for visiting! I've been reading your blog, but too lazy to leave a comment. Sorry. :p

Glad Xiao Bai is over his ear problem. Perhaps he got ear mites? That's what PandaB thought I had, but turned out to be an infection.

The bread is yummy, but PB won't give me much. He is afraid it will upset my tummy.

Tail wags to Xiao Bai.

Robin said...

The best part of making bread is this wonderful smell during the baking process..

yes, a wonderful life indeed.