Suntory Mermaid II Update

Ocean adventurer and promoter of recycling and sustainable technologies (human, solar, wind, and wave power), Kenichi Horie, is still making his way solo across the Pacific from Hawaii to Japan aboard the radical wave-powered boat Suntory Mermaid II. The boat is powered solely by the wave action of the sea through a set of "flippers" mounted on the bow of the catamaran between the hulls.

As reported here March 21st in the post, Riding The Waves From Hawaii To Japan, the trip was expected to be completed in late May, but progress has been slow. In a recent diary entry, Mr. Horie wondered if the current was working against him. Speed through the water is often around 2 knots, but at times it has dropped to 1/2 knot, leading him to write on May 30th, "My position is static since yesterday. I'm afraid I might move backwards."

However, Kenichi is comfortable and enjoying the hot food from his microwave oven, like rice and sardines, and an occasional fresh gift from the sea, such as the squid that jumped into the cockpit Friday morning that he ate as sashimi.

Here is a map showing his position on June 9th at 24°22'N, 143°16'E -

You can follow the daily progress of the Suntory Mermaid II and read Kenichi's daily dairy entries here: Suntory Mermaid II - What's New?. On that website you can click on the boat's graphic and get a more detailed view with Google Maps.

Ganbatte (keep at it), Horie-san!


jam said...

It is really a big archieve if he manages to do that! Keep going!

Swinebread said...

hmmm I wonder if he couldn't have added a few solar cells to help out?

Martin J Frid said...

He is pretty patient. I admire that!

Anonymous said...

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Pandabonium said...

Jam - yes indeed. He is the kind of guy who will persevere.

Swinebread - well, they wanted to test the wave propulsion idea on its own I think. Horie has sailed the Pacific previously using only solar power. Perhaps one day he'll do a combination.

Martin - he is that. Setting an example for us all.

jfmarcelo - Hola. Gracias por visitar al Isleño Pacífico. Venga por favor otra vez.

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