Lone Star Triathlon

Congratulations to my niece, Alison, who participated in the Lone Star Triathlon Festival on Galveston Island, Texas last weekend.

The "half iron" event included a 1.2 mile swim from the beach, 56 miles bicycle race along Galveston's sea wall (in 10 - 15 mph cross winds as it happened), and 13.1 mile run ending at Moody Gardens. (No, Moody Gardens are not named after the Moody Minstrel.)

Here's Alison on her bike - average speed over the 56 mile course: 19 mph

Alison placed 3rd in her group and 12th overall. Well done, Ali!

In June, she will be competing in the "Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon". That event starts with a 1.5 mile swim from Alcatraz Island to shore in the frigid waters of San Fransisco Bay, followed by an 18 mile bike race, and an 8 mile run along the rugged trails of the Golden Gate Recreation Area.


Happysurfer said...

Wow! Awesome feat! How long has she been doing this? She looks really fit. Thanks for sharing, PandaB.

Great job, Alison.

Pandabonium said...

Happysurfer - Thanks. Beats me how long. I only learned of her interest in triathlons last fall when I heard she was accepted to participate in the Escape from Alcatraz event. Of course my first reaction to that was one of concern. (55° F or 12.8° C water!)

But she's obviously in great shape, and she's having fun, so it's OK by me.

Don Snabulus said...

Congratulations! Achieving at those distances is an extraordinary accomplishment. I will root for Alison to win at Alcatraz.

The Moody Minstrel said...

That kind of athletic ability scares me.

There are moody gardens in California? Rats. My pride in my own gardening has just hit rock bottom.

Olivia said...

I am sure the weather was great.

Minstrel - no, the Moody Gardens are in Galveston, along with Moody Mansion, Moody Bank...
Because of this, for the first year reading your blog you reminded me of them.

Robin said...

Always believe that such people who can remain focus and with such determination would achieve something in life.

Congrats for every success and lesson.