Can I Come Along?

by Momo the Wonder Dog

Some dogs get to go along when their humans go off on a bicycle.

I get left behind.

Pandabonium says: "Momo, you know just as well as I do that you would never get into a bag or anything that restricted your movement. And you've got to admit that the Japanese dog in the center picture is not acting very safe. Finally, when I go out on my bike, I usually come home loaded down with groceries or gardening supplies, and there simply isn't room for you. So, be honest. Wouldn't you rather stay home and watch people go by, and birds come into the yard, and lay around in the shade? You get to go for two walks a day and often get to run off the leash. Better than being stuffed into a bag, don't you think?"

Momo says: "Well, I guess so. It does seem like you are gone a long time and I might get bored if couldn't walk around. I guess I just envy your freedom sometimes."

Picture 1 - Velorution
Picture 2- Takato Marui
Picture 3 - Face Hunter


Don Snabulus said...

I remember your earlier running video. I think you are too fast to sit in a bag.

You can't keep a good dog down.

Happysurfer said...

Momo, I think you're making a wise choice by staying at home.

PinkPanther said...

Momo, you know what? I saw some Masters in here put their doggies in the baby trolley when they went out for a walk or shopping.

Pass this idea to P. or K. ;-)

ladybug said...

I'd say being cooped up in a bag..."isn't my bag, baby!"...

Also, it looks to me like the dog UNSAFELY riding on the shoulders of his/her owner was really too big to fit in a bag anyway.

Maybe the owner should try a tricyle w/a really big basket....

Olivia said...

Amazing, a couple of weeks ago I used a cash machine at the end of that London street in the right photo! That is when I snapped the sunset photo of Spitalfields Church (seen in the edge of the shot). On my way back up the street I bent down to give a homeless man some change and tripped ungraciously over my own foot.

It was the first day I began to "see" London again after the long dark winter.

My Japanese friend has two of those Shiba Inu dogs. They've got lovely dispositions.

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

Uncle Snabby - You're right. I think I'd get bored pretty fast.

Happysurfer - thanks.

Pinkpanther - thanks for that idea. Might be a neat thing to have in a city. Out here in the country, I like to run free and sniff all the plants when we walk.

Ladybug - I'd probably jump out if I could. I'll chill out at home I guess.

Olivia - I wondered if you would recognize that as London, but you even know which street! Arf! That is amazing. wag wag wag