Velorutionary Gift Idea

Not just a bicycle "under the tree" (not that there is anything wrong with that), here's a gift that puts your values in motion - literally. A $40 donation to UNICEF buys a bicycle to help health workers get vaccines and other medical aid to children.

"Having access to a bicycle for a health worker or midwife can help increase the health standards of children in remote villages and communities in developing countries." - UNICEF

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Whatever your religion or view of this season, in the developed world it has for better or worse become a time of (excessive) shopping. If we're going to indulge, why not make it serve a truly worthy purpose?

Thanks and "Glaedelig Jul!" to the Cycleliciousness [Copenhagen Bicycle Culture] blog, as well as the Velorution cycle store in London, England for passing it on.


QUASAR9 said...

Funny world we live in
on the one hand we struggle to vaccinate and save children in remote areas, whilst casually killing several hundred thousand people in an invasion or two ...

and then we are concerned about climate change and the effect of human activity on climate ... yet the very people we try and save, capitalism hopes will be the consumers of 'energy' and 'fuel' tomorrow.

And yet a storm or tsunami can wash thousands away like ants, and even a small virus or SARS and the common cold could kill thousands (almost overnight) in the most advanced cities of the developed world.

But hey I guess we really do like living on the edge - ahh the thrill of it all, whether it be short or tall

Pandabonium said...

Quasar9 - Interesting observations as always. Perhaps the "we" in your comment is too all inclusive and the reality is some of us are for endless consumption, support war to get what is wanted, don't care about the impact on others or mother earth, while some of us try to find a more or less sustainable life, nurture life, and value peace.

There are a lot of folks in the middle who hold a mixed bag of contradictory views, maybe more than I care to think about.

Are "we" humans smarter than yeast?
At least yeast, as they grow without limit until they've made their environment toxic to themselves and die off, produce something useful in the process - they turn grape juice into wine.
What are we going to leave behind?

ladybug said...

A wonderful idea! I've never heard of this particular charity, so I'll keep it in mind for our next round of giving!