Alas! Poor Nemo, I Knew Him, Horatio...

We went to Mito City (capital of our fair prefecture, Ibaraki) recently, to visit the immigration office and submit my papers for extending my visa - how time flies! I've been in Japan as a resident for three years already, and while the beautiful people and islands of Fiji still beckon me, I'd like permission to stay here a while longer. Besides, I can reside in Japan AND visit Fiji.

K took me for lunch at a seafood restaurant a bit out of the center of town that she discovered while visiting a student in hospital a few weeks back. It turned out to be a "Red Lobster" and she was surprised to learn that it was a US chain that started in Florida. We had a very nice lunch, and the chef even let me substitute a white fish in sauce for the pork that was part of the salmon special that day. (I never knew before that there were "pigs of the sea".)

In the parking lot there was a sad moment, however, as we recognized Nemo on the dash board of a Honda.

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Alas, poor Nemo, I ate him, Horatio - at Red Lobster in Mito City!


nzm said...

Have you seen the Nemo Sushi?


ladybug said...

NZM-Ha Ha! I've seen the pic before, but it's nice to have another "look-see"!

Panda-Hmmm, I've never heard of the "Pig of the Sea" either...although one my favorite French expressions is "Fruits de Mer"-Fruits of the Sea (basically whatever the chef gets that day that isn't fish). I'm actually not much of a seafood lover though

Pandabonium said...

NZM - Yeah, I posted it last year in fact - good one.I found Nemo. :^p

Ladybug - I thought it was kind of weird to have pork as part of the chef's special at a seafood restaurant. Hamburger was also prominent on the menu.

Don Snabulus said...

I would stay away from pork sushi. You might wind up with trichinosis.

In my neighborhood, Red Lobster is more of a steak joint than a seafood joint, so that could explain the dearth of land-based meat products.

Anonymous said...


Nemo was a whiner, anyway.....deserved to be eaten.


Pandabonium said...

Hi Hill.