Cool Salty Air

by Momo the Wonder Dog

Pandabonium and K took me to the beach on Sunday. I hadn't been there since last year (see Beach Blanket Momo to read about that trip and see more pictures). When we left home, I sat on Pandabonium's lap and looked out the windows of the car, just to make sure we were really on our way. Then I curled up on the floor for the rest of the trip.

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The beach park, Kashimanada, isn't really very far and we were there in less than 30 minutes. Kashimanada Park has a big grassy area near the road, plus a parking lot, restrooms, and a farmers market. There are some other buildings that can be used for nature talks or meetings. They don't allow cars, motor scooters or bicycles within the park, but dogs are welcome (woof!).

The smell of the salty ocean air excited my senses and I needed to "5-4-4" (go shi shi) - it means pee - as soon as we arrived and so bolted out the door as soon as it was open. Pandabonium was not at all happy about that and worried I might get hit by a car, but I made it to the grass strip on the edge of the parking lot. Then I let him put me on the leash and we headed for the beach which is down a long path paved to look like brick. There was a marching band practicing music and formations on the lawn.

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At the beach level, the park runs up and down the coast, with a nice grass area in the middle and long elevated boardwalks that go through pines. I like the grass best, as the ocean is really loud and scary, but they took me down to the beach first. There is a walkway there and lots of people were playing in the sand, fishing, or just enjoying the fresh air and watching the ocean.

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They wanted to walk me along the sand, but I didn't want to be that close to the water. I was pulling as hard as I could and K had to hang on to the leash with both hands to hold me back. Finally they gave up and took me back up to the grassy area.

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There were lots of people there with young kids who were playing on the big "flying saucer" and slide or rolling down the steep part of the grass hill. We went up to the wooden watch tower and sat on the bench there watching the waves and people. Some of the kids came up to see me.

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This is me on the flying saucer last year, but since there were kids playing on it this time, I stayed off of it. In 1803, a woman in strange clothing came ashore here in a mysterious circular craft. You can read all about it in "Alien Encounter!" on this blog.

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The sun felt warm, but the air was cool and there was a little breeze blowing up the coast. Sea gulls were flying up and down the beach, occasionally swooping down to the water or sand, perhaps to pick up a sand crab to eat.

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Pandabonium and K shared some pretzel sticks with me. They brought my water dish so I could have a drink. One boy and his mom were playing a game of catch with a Frisbee. He looked like he was having fun, but I was more interested in the pretzels.

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Well, when the pretzel sticks ran out I was ready to do something else. The sun was starting to go behind the tree tops and Panda loaned K his windbreaker since she was feeling a chill.
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We decided it was time to head for home. On the way back to the car we saw lot of dogs on their way to the beach or just playing on the grass at the park entrance. Some of them looked kind of scary and I didn't want to walk past them, so K and Pandabonium took turns holding me the rest of the way. The marching band was still practicing, reminding Pandabonium of his high school years. Back in the car, I once again sat on Pandabonium's lap until we got out on the road, then curled up on the floor. It had been a fun afternoon, but just then I was looking forward to home, dinner and a good rest.


Don Snabulus said...

Hi Momo,

Our cat Jeebus has been practicing his ninja fighting skills on the tom cats people dump in our neighborhood. Unfortunately for him, he got dinged pretty good about a week ago. I had to take him to the vet.

We don't have a cat carrier (cats are a little unruly, so they sometimes need that kind of thing), so he rode in the car and wandered wherever he wanted.

When we got to the vet's office, I held him very close. There was a dog there...then two more came in and they were very excited. Jeebus dug a couple holes in my belly, but he understood I was protecting him from the bigger dogs. Just like you are glad PB and K protect you from the big dogs.

Luckily, Jeebus' paw was okay and he got some antibiotics to keep any infections from getting started. He is sleeping in the garage at night now to protect him from fights, and also from cold rain and wind that are becoming more prevalent now.

Isn't is nice to know that humans have a role besides being grumpy and coming up with rules all the time?

Robin said...

What a beautiful day in Autumn for Momo.

I am sure it was a nice walk and you have your fair share of barking at the running kids.

Thanks for sharing.

Happysurfer said...

Hi Momo, thanks for sharing your day at the beach. Those are nice pictures. If I ever have a doggie, I'd remember to bring along a water dish on an outing. PandaB is so thoughtful.

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

Uncle Snabby - Wow! I hope Jeebus is all right (even if he is a cat). I bark tough sometimes, but I am really glad to have PB and K around when I need them - like Sunday or when they bring me inside during a storm. Besides, they feed me and care for me everyday.

Uncle Robin - It was a nice surprise to go to the beach. I really had a good time.

Say hi to all your pets for me.

Auntie Happysurfer - Thanks. It's pretty fun to be the center of attention sometimes.

I was glad they brought the water. I got thirsty with all the running around. They forgot to bring a toy for me though. I didn't really mind 'cuz they shared pretzels with me. :P

The Moody Minstrel said...

I wonder what marching band that was, especially since they obviously had the resources to obtain full marching percussion gear plus European-style marching tubas! The only really well-known school marching band on the Ibaraki coast is Oarai High School, but that's a bit of a way to the north. Hmm...

Pandabonium said...

Moody - it probably was the Oarai "Blue Hawks". The school is not so far - 20 minutes maybe. I noticed the same instruments in the pictures that you posted on your blog in November of last year. They sure sounded good.

ladybug said...

Lovely pictures Momo, and sounds like you had a wonderful time! The kids doing the Marching band practice alot (our Beaniac does the Flags, or Colorguard, so we know!). The dogs my family had always enjoyed the beach, sand and surf, but they were dumber than you; they would drink the salt water and then throw up!

(Especially Sheba, who was VERY dumb, and had epilepsy, but was so loveable and kind!-We found out later after she died she had double organs too, very weird!)

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

Ladybug - it was super fun to get out to the park and do a lot of walking. (riding in the car is boring). I don't know about music. PandaB thought it was a great place for a band to practice.

My ancestors lived far from the sea - the Himalayas - so it isn't in me to want to go near it ... or drink it? Yuck! PandaB tells me his poodle and golden retriever loved the ocean and swimming, but then they were bred to swim and fetch things from the water.
Poor Sheba. That's sad.

ladybug said...

Thanks Momo, but don't be too sad, Sheba had a very long and happy life. In fact, we got her because her owners were trying to get rid of her and were going to put her down (probably the epilepsy).

Probably she was so goofy because she had two of most everything except only 1 brain. She liked everyone, including all our cats!

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

Ladybug - I guess I should count my blessings. That was good of you to take her in.

Swinebread said...

Great day! Dogs should have time at the beach... it's one of the best ways to take it all in!

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

Woof! Thanks, Swinebread.