We're Back!

And we're beautiful. *

Pardon the delay in responding to your most welcome comments on previous posts.

We just returned from an exciting three day and two night "ryoko" (trip) to Hakone National Park and Kamakura. I'll be posting all the exciting cliff hanging details of this blitz feiertag (lightning holiday) soon.

Meanwhile, we'll be soaking in a hot bath and sleeping a lot.

Trivia: "we're back and we're beautiful" is an obscure reference to a civil war skit by Firesign Theatre which can be found on their album, "Everything You Know Is Wrong".


ladybug said...

Firesign Theatre was a bit before my time, but so many folks have made references, or done bits for me, that I feel like I heard it the first time.

Wonder if they've transfered the recordings to CD? I'm old enough where I still can't believe they don't make those little 45 record playing things....

Pandabonium said...

Ladybug: Firesign Theatre was a bit before their own time.

"Hello Seeker! Now don't feel alone in the new age, there's a seeker born every minute!" (another quote form Everything you know is wrong).

You bet the albums are on CD.

They even have modern day pod casts on the internets tubes! Check it all out here: Firesign Theatre.

I really like "Nick Danger, 3rd Eye". I think it was the inspiration for Garrison Keillor's "Guy Noir".

Pandabonium said...

LB - the site is a maze to navigatge (at least for me). To try out some podcasts, go here: FT Podcasts

QUASAR9 said...

lol a 'blitz' lightning holiday
three days whoooshing around.
Life on the fast lane, sometimes one needs a hot bath and sleep just to catch up

Pandabonium said...

Quasar9 - it was a circus all right! :^) While it was all interesting and beautiful, we soon realized we'd put too much to do into too little time - the opposite of what a vacation should be. Ah well. Next time we'll know better.

Robin said...

wow.. hakone.. lots of onsen!

or soup... in Chinese :)