Dog vs Baby

by Momo, the Wonder Dog

There is a young woman who pushes her baby boy in a stroller past our gate almost every day. The boy is quite bright - as evidenced by his interest in dogs - so they stop to visit me each time.

Last month, one of Pandabonium's dear nephews had a baby (well, his nephew's wife did most of the work), and the baby is of course getting lots of attention. It is probably good that they don't also have a dog, because dogs can become jealous and even neurotic by the irrational amount of attention given babies at the expense of quality time with the dog. This is due to the fact that dogs develop at much faster rate than do babies and therefore feel superior to them in every way.

Here is the new baby in Pandabonium's nephew's family. Her name is Tara.

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Cute? Of course. Very. But let's compare the development of dogs and babies and see just why it is difficult for a dog to understand what all the fuss is about. The following is from the most excellent book "How to Live with a Neurotic Dog" by Stephen Baker:

4 Weeks
Baby - He breathes with regularity. He can cry and open his eyes wide. He can turn his head.

Dog - He breathes with regularity. He can cry and open his eyes wide. He can turn his head.

16 Weeks
Baby - He can turn over to his back and try sitting up. His eyes follow a moving object, and he may even reach out for it. But he cannot grasp it, for all his ten fingers.

Dog - The puppy can walk steadily across the room, sit, lie down, and stand up. He can follow a moving object with his eyes and, if it is food, grasp it.

28 Weeks
Baby - The baby can sit up, but he still topples over. He can reach for desired object and bring it to his mouth. He can even grab his feet and put them in his mouth as he lies on his back.

Dog - At this age, a puppy can do many things. He can get under blankets. He can chew up books, shoes, and carpets. He is smart enough not to waste time sucking his feet.

1 Year
Baby - The baby creeps about freely on hands and knees. He is beginning to discover the world at his own pace: slowly.

Dog - The dog can now run so fast that his master can no longer catch him. He knows all he needs to know.

2 Years
Baby - The baby finally understands part of what is being said. He is even able to utter a few words, even if they do not make sense. Lost for words, he giggles.

Dog - The dog understands everything that is said. He even understands that at times it is wiser to pretend he doesn't understand and keep his nozzle shut.

Is it any wonder a dog could become frustrated, even neurotic? Happily, I don't face that situation and Pandabonium and K recognize my abilities and take care of all my needs. I post this as advice for any of you humans out there who may consider having babies and dogs at the same time. Please do not neglect your dog, but reassure him/her that they too are a valued member of the family.

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And welcome to the world Tara! Don't take any nonsense from your big brother Anthony (I don't think he'll give you any). But if you need advice, call up your cousin Grace who also has an older brother and has learned how to manage the situation quite well.


Don Snabulus said...

That was an interesting comparison, but I can understand why you wouldn't want to extend it past two years.

You are right that everybody should get the attention they need, whether it is dogs. babies. or even (gasp) kitty cats.

My cat, Jeebus, got his neck punctured the other day by some other cat or raccoon, but he sure felt better after the vet cleaned his wound and made sure it wasn't infected. Sometimes it takes a little bit of an incident to remember just how important all critters are.

Don Snabulus said...

Oh dear, I forgot. That Tara is a sweet little baby. Koochie coo little Tara!

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

Uncle Snabby - Yeah, beyond 2 years would get redundant. I mean, do you how long it is before a human is competent enough to even open a can of dog food on their own? Really. I didn't want to bore you.

I hope Jeebus heals up soon and doesn't get hurt like that again. That book has a chapter about dogs and cats under one roof too.

I picked a fight with a big dog once, but luckily nobody got hurt. PandaB told me to be kind and gentle to every living thing and protect all who are weaker than myself. Easier said than done.

I admit Tara and her brother are pretty cute. For humans.

PinkPanther said...

AW..Aw..aw...cute Tara.
I am sure you don't bark to her while she passes your house, rite? ^_~

Momo, you do a good job, found some comparison about baby and dog. I didn't know that b4. Thanks MoMo.

The Moody Minstrel said...

Remember the classic line from the Disney movie "Lady and the Tramp":

"The human heart has only so much room for love and affection. When the baby moves in, the dog moves out."

Swinebread said...

Also, remember to treat your dog like a dog and not like a baby.

You know, don't dress him up like a clown and other crazy things like that.

QUASAR9 said...

lol dogs (and other pets) can become just as jealous, irrational or neurotic as human kids
when a new focus of attention or devotion arrives in the home.

I do sometimes see dogs as little more than kids who cannot speak, and with the same attention span of an infant or teenager ...
and certainly jealous of any other dogs or babies who enter their Realm.

Reena said...

That's interesting. I know a couple who sent their much loved dog away when their little one came along. It's usually baby or dog.

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

PP - if Tara ever came to my house, I'd give her a tail wagging welcome.

Moody - one of my favorite movies. woof.

Swinebread - that is a very important point. One should also never tell their pet that they are it's parent.

Quasar9 - yes. you understand us! wag wag wag lick lick.

Reena - sadly, that is not unusual. Perhaps sometimes it is best, depending on the dog.

Happysurfer said...

Hello Momo, how are you? Long time no talk. **hugs** Thanks for sharing the enlightening info on dog vs baby and thanks too for sharing the picture of PandaB's grand-niece and grand-nephew - have I got it right?

Tara is not only cute. She is beautiful too and Anthony is a handsome boy too - look at those eyes. I bet their parents must be a good-looking couple, huh?

Hello PandaB.