Schoolmates Carry Fiji Flag

Frentina Antrea and Krishlyn Chetty, both in Form Six at Saint Joseph's secondary School in Suva arrived in Christchurch, New Zealand on the 18th. They are representing the youth of Fiji at the Asia Pacific World Heritage Youth Forum. (For American readers, Form Six is equivalent to 11th grade in the US).

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Frentina Antrea and Krishlyn Chetty (Fiji Times photo)

The forum is sponsored by the United Nations Education scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) to engage youth around the Asia/Pacific region to learn about world heritage, as well as cultural and environmental sustainability issues.

Thirty students from the region are attending the meetings. For the rest of the week the students will visit and study heritage sites throughout Te Waipounamu. They will stay on ancestral marae where they will be hosted by local Ngai Tahu tribal descendents and guided by indigenous conservation experts from the Conservation Department.

UNESCO has asked the students to use these experiences as the basis for a short documentary film that will be presented to delegates of the World Heritage Committee on the opening day.

Before leaving for New Zealand, Ms Antrea said, "We are both looking forward to this trip and we can not wait to share the culture and heritage of Fiji with other participants."

Their presentation will feature some of Fiji's landmarks and natural heritage, including Yadua Taba, the home of the crested iguana, the Sigatoka sand dunes and the Bouma waterfalls, on Taveuni.

"It is a chance for us to learn about the cultural and natural heritage of the region, and hopefully to be inspired concerning preservation of these aspects and to grow and become future leaders of our country," she said.

Congratulations girls.

Trivia - in early May Ms Antrea won the 10th Fiji Games Open Chess Championships in her category, and was awarded her third gold medal.


Don Snabulus said...

What a great program and a great opportunity for these young women. I wish them well!

PinkPanther said...

Sure a great chance for youths to open their eyes on the world and spreading their country.

Some of the Sr. high schools in here, teachers encourage students to do the Macau World Heritage programmes which performed in local TV chanel.

ladybug said...

What an exciting opportunity for these young people! I really look forward to hopefully seeing their film in some manner in the next year or so. I like to learn about new places and their history, and it will be interesting to see how these ambassadors will present their home countries...

Pandabonium said...

Snabby - Yes, the UNESCO holds these in a different part of the world each year. Great idea.

PP- I agree. That's neat that the local TV airs those programs.

Ladybug - indeedy. I don't know if the film will be available or how. I'll have to check into that.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Nice story to balance the one about the NZ High Commissioner being given four days to pack and then had his baggage searched at Nadi airport!
There are lots of good things happening in Fiji and New Zealand and this is is a great idea. Forget the Alice in Wonderland goings-on and remember the schoolkids.

Pandabonium said...

Wendy - yes. You and I may not agree as which capital(s) are in Wonderland, but we can sure agree on supporting the school kids no matter what the crazy adults are doing.