Dinner and a Concert

Saturday night there was a concert by the Kashima Philharmonic Orchestra, which I performed with in 2005, and which my fellow expat friends the Moody Minstrel and Charles play in. I will write a post devoted to the concert soon.

As the concert would begin at 6 pm and so dinner quite late, we decided to go out for lunch at 'Oli'oli - our nearby Hawaiian restaurant. This time we arrived during regular hours, and they were doing a pretty good business. We didn't have trouble getting a table however, as some of the customers were dining on the lanai (patio).

At home, we eat mostly vegetarian foods and an occasional fish. So, when we eat out, K sometimes orders a meat dish and I'll have some seafood.

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K getting ready to try "loco moco" - rice, ground beef patty, and sunny-side-up egg, with tomato sauce. (The tomato sauce substituted for the gravy found in the traditional recipe.)

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In one room (above) there is a SUMO SIZE Aloha shirt on the wall. Also note the map of Oahu and the Christian Larsen art poster. With the warm weather and slack key guitar music playing in the background, I felt like we were in Hawaii.

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I had shrimp scampi on rice with a salad, which was nicely presented and very good.

Later that night, after the concert, I had a disturbing run-in with a man who wanted to punish me for not eating at his restaurant which is located right across the street from the concert hall. K had parked the car in that lot and upon our return, the trouble started.

It was the chickens' "Angel of Death", the Joseph Mengele of avian death camps, yes, none other than SS-Hauptsturmf├╝hrer Schanders, who grabbed me by the ears and tried to put my head in a vat of boiling oil and turn me into a bucket of extra-crispy! I punched him in his um, biscuits. His smile froze, he looked sort of cross eyed, and his grip loosened so I could break free just as K snapped this picture.

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Close call.

If you think that was exciting, wait until you read about the concert.


agus said...

There's an uncanny resemblance in the last picture. And the colonel looks Japanese.

Pandabonium said...

Hey Agus. I think he looks like Ho Chi Minh.

The Moody Minstrel said...

Actual quote from my son when he saw that same Herr Schanders:

"Papa, is that Jesus or Santa Claus?"

Definitely mind control.

Martin J Frid said...

I think it is your crazy shirt, it just made the colonel go all Bladerunner on you.

ladybug said...

Ok, I have to think the SS pin was photo-shopped, but I do have to say that version of Col. Sanders is curiously creepy!

There was a Hawaiian restaurant we ate at in SW Portland a year or so aga....but last time I visited w/my Dad, it had closed. We ended up eating at a neat pseudo-French one instead.

Don Snabulus said...

There is a hotel in Seaside, Oregon called The Lanai. It is pretty cool sounding if you don't know what it means.

I wonder if there are any hotels in Honolulu called The Patio?

Nice picture of Kentucky Fried Seagull man there. When I was in Santa Clara earlier this week, I saw one of those rotating chicken bucket signs that have all but disappeared from the KFC joints.

Pandabonium said...

Moody - and of course you explained that Jesus IS Santa Claus but when it isn't Christmas or Easter time, he runs a chicken factory-farm. (how to mess with your kid's mind).

Martin - maybe he wanted to make turtle soup. Blade Runner - there was a depressing movie - too much like the real LAPD. ;^)

Ladybug - you're right about the pin, but oddly enough there are two holes in the lapel of the statue at that spot - presumably to hold a carnation. He vaguely reminds me of Gregory Peck in "Boys From Brazil" - creepy is the word.

Faux French food? That's in-Seine.

Snabby - somehow foreign words seem exotic and bring up our fantasies of far off lands... I wouldn't be surprised to see a Japanese car named "The Patio".

KFC is going into the fuel business, so the bucket signs will be replaced by a gas pump. When you drive through and order chicken they'll ask "do you want bio-diesel with that?"

PinkPanther said...

Any recording of KPO on Sat. could be share with us?

Really wanna listen to...

In the last picture, PB is more excited than his readers. (:-p)

Pandabonium said...

Hi Pinkpanther,

Photography and recording is not allowed at KPO concerts, but since I learned this after the concert ;^) I do have some pics and video clips and will share something for you to listen to as soon as I find time to write up the post. Should be some time in the coming week.

Swinebread said...

Does the Hawaiian food in Japan taste different than in Hawaii?

I only ask because, tried some Italian food made to Japanese tastes and it was pretty good if different.

I always new the Colonel was a fascist.

Pandabonium said...

Swinebread - this restaruant does a good job, but of course they do change a few ingredients.

Today's "Hawaiian" foods were greatly influenced by Japan anyway, since Japanese immigrants made up a very large percentage of the population at one time.

Schanders - the chicken holocaust.