Fossil fuel depletion and the environmental impacts of using that using fossil fuels have are driving world events today, from the price of our food to the clash of civilizations. This is a subject I have devoted a good deal of time studying over the last several years, so I am very excited to find a new film to share with others which explains the history of oil and the related issues of "peak oil" and "climate catastrophe" in a clear, scientific manner.

The movie is called "Crude - the incredible journey of oil", directed by award-winning Australian filmmaker, Dr Richard Smith.

"Coming in the wake of rising global concerns about the continued supply of oil, and increasingly weird weather patterns, award-winning Australian filmmaker, Dr Richard Smith takes us through time: from the birth of oil deep in the dinosaur-inhabited past, to its ascendancy as the indispensable ingredient of modern life. Filmed on location in 11 countries across five continents, Smith consults the leading international scientific experts to join the dots between geology and economy and provide the big-picture view of oil."

It is available for viewing online in three half-hour segments - just click here:

The website has additional interviews and information about such topics as peak oil, global warming, and alternative energy, featuring top experts in each field. I invite you to check it out and refer anyone who needs to be informed about these important issues, i.e., everyone. A DVD version is also available from ABC Science (Australia Broadcasting) through their website.

"A thoughtful, surprising and really important film"
-DAVID SUZUKI environmental guru, author, presenter of The Nature of Things


ladybug said...

This sounds very interesting, I'll pass the info along to my Snabby, (if he hasn't read it already). Hopefully it will be available on the indie film circuit here in North America!

Pandabonium said...

Ladybug - don't wait for that. Watch it online when you can in 30 minute bites. Beautifully done. It's in 3 distinct parts, so that works well for those of us who don't have time to watch the whole thing at once.

But yeah, I hope it does get the distribution it deserves.

Robin said...

hmmm.. I hope to see it...

Happysurfer said...

Dear Pandabonium, thank you for sharing this.

Pandabonium said...

Happy - you are welcome. I feel it is an important topic for people to learn about. This is the first film I've seen to present it in an interesting and easily understood way. I hope you can watch it.