Fiji Bloggers Meet

ROC on Loftus, April 19, 7:00 pm

Calling all Fiji bloggers to meet up at the Republic of Cappuccino on Victoria Parade and Loftus Street, Suva at 7:00 pm, Thursday, April 19, 2007. Drink coffee, be merry, and put a human face on your favorite Fiji blogs.

If you can make it, head over to Digital Fiji Weblog and let Thrashor know you are coming. You can email him: hammondthrasher at yahoo.com

Sounds like fun. Pandabonium can't make it, so I hope everyone who does will post a full report on what transpires. Of course, if someone wants to send me airfare, there's still time.


ladybug said...

Gee, we'd sure love to go, but my bonus from "Homemaker of the Year" hasn't come through yet...and the jet lag alone might kill us.

Maybe I should start working at home more, -in Norway. That way I might be able to get paid (ha, ha!).

Hill said...

I second that on the airfare thing. Doesn't anybody in Fiji want to meet an old Liberal grandma from the Hill Country of Texas? If it helps, I despise DubyaCo.

Pandabonium said...

Ladybug - it's worth the jet lag.
That just means you need to stay longer so you can adjust (my excuse for longer vacations).

Hill - Doesn't some billionaire want to sponsor the "Send A Blogger To Fiji Foundation"? Or maybe Dick and W would send you just to get you out of the country. :-P

thrashor said...

Thanks for the cross post. I have been having trouble getting people to commit. Hopefully I won't be there by myself ;)

Pandabonium said...

Thrashor - I sure hope you have some participation. Seems a shame not to have Fiji bloggers get together. Good luck.