Update: Hokule'a Reaches Majuro

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The Polynesian Voyaging Society's double hulled sailing canoes, Hokule'a and Alingano Maisu reached Majuro on the 19th of February and safely moored in the lagoon. My original post about this voyage is here: Hokule'a To Visit Japan.

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They left Kawaihae, Hawaii on January 22nd. Majuro, in the Marshall Islands, is 2060 nautical miles from Hawaii and estimated that the trip would take 26 days.

They will island hop island hop through Micronesia to the island of Satawal in the Yap group, home of the Hokulea's first navigator, Mau Piailug. There, the Alingano Maisu will be gifted to Mau in recognition of his passing down the ancient knowledge of how to navigate voyaging canoe across vast distances using only wind, stars, seas, birds and other natural cues.

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You can follow the voyage here: Hokule'a Crew Weblog.


Old Broad said...

Back a long time ago, when I was a reporter, I covered a contingent of many, many sailboats arriving in port. From the shore, it looked so peaceful. But on the sailboat, OMFG. The activity was non-stop and noise level was unreal.
I loved it.
Thanks for the link. I will follow the progress.

ladybug said...

This is so exciting! I really like stuff like this.

Having said that, I have to admit I'm not much of a sailor. I took a class in Washington D.C. (long story, I lived there for a while). I enjoyed learning about the weather patterns, how to read the waters and the skys and the other technical stuff.

The actual sailing? Not so much. It's really alot of work, and if you are not paying attention all the time, you end up somewhere you don't want to be, (like smashed in the head by the boom, which I was always afraid of..).

In any case, my teacher said there are two kinds of people, those that like sailing, and those that like to lie on the deck sunbathing.

I think I'm the latter!

Pandabonium said...

old broad - I used to sail small boats (mostly 15 feet, but some up to 30 feet) when I was much younger. Cruising along can be very peaceful, but land fall and docking can get pretty hectic - as when landing an airplane.

ladybug - I like day sailing, but don't know how I'd do on a longer trip. My brother has sailed from California to Hawaii with my dad, around Mexico (literally) and across the Atlantic - all in sailboats. I'd like to try it out for a few days beforehand and see if REALLY wanted to commit to something like that. With flying and sailing (I find the two very similar in a lot of ways) one learns a lot of interesting things, which, as you indicate, are worth the effort in and of themselves.