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The Moody Minstrel - who by the way has a new blog page called "The Minstrel's Muse" featuring MP3 samples of his music - tagged me to show my desktop. I don't always respond to being tagged for a post, but this seemed easy enough.

For Windows users, this IS easy, just email Microsoft and they send you a picture of your desktop back since they are always watching what you do on your computer. (OK, so really, you just hit a few keys and your PC will snap a picture of it).

With a Mac running OS X, I have been unable to find an easy solution. Everything I tried just produced a file of the background picture without the icons, etc. So I resorted to taking a picture of it with a camera. After about ten tries, here's the result:

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Most of the applications I use are on the tool bar at the bottom (called the "dock" in Apple-ese). It disappears when the cursor is not over it, so it keeps the desktop pretty "clean".

For pictures, I like out of doors shots, mostly ones I've taken. Past ones have included airplanes, Kashima Jingu shrine, and the view from Taveuni Estates, Fiji. This one of a newly planted rice field down the hill from our home is one I took last year.

Who shall I tag? No one. I'm feeling compassionate today.

UPDATE: Thanks to Don Snabulus I know how to do this without wasting a lot of time fooling around with a camera. Much better, and easier. Thanks, Don!

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My PowerBook G4 Desktop

Actually this could be useful knowledge, so this exercise wasn't a total waste of time.


Don Snabulus said...

You are a patient man.

Below is a passage I found here that makes life a bit simpler:

Built-in Screenshot Capabilities: The Basics

Mac OS X comes with built-in capability for capturing screen shots. To capture the entire screen, you can simply press Command-Shift-3.

To capture a region of the screen, press Command-Shift-4, then click and drag the cursor to mark the area you want to capture. When you lift your finger from the mouse button, Mac OS X will record that real estate and place a .pdf file on your desktop.

Pandabonium said...

Don - Shazam! Thanks for the link and info. I'm not patient, just persistent - especially when I get annoyed at not being able to do something. :)

The Moody Minstrel said...

Go Mac!

(Said the Windows user...)

(But we do use a G6 in the music office! I love that thing!)

YD said...

Yea, go MAC!!!

(Although mine is Windows)

The new "Get a Mac" Windows-bashing advert is enjoyable. :-)

Old Broad said...

I want a MAC.
But alas, I'm stuck with windows.
Send. Dont't Send. Error Report.

Old Broad said...

Obviously, I need to check BEFORE I click on "Publish Your Comment."

Hypatia said...

Your photos are wonderful. They make for a truly relaxing environment when "computing" as I like to call it. I usually have seasonal themes geared to the celebrations (Halloween, Xmas, Mardi Gras, etc.).

At work I was known as the one who had "fanciest" computer screen & mouse.

Alas, I don't seem to have the choices in mouse icons anymore...I really miss my summertime seashell mouse w/the South Seas picture....

Swinebread said...

I like how grab works on a Mac.

Pandabonium said...

Swinebread - I've used a mac for years, but never knew how to do that until now. pretty cool.