Unusual Habitats

I discovered an old (unoccupied) wasp nest in our garage the other day. I didn't have a ladder so couldn't be as careful as I would have liked when taking it down and the top portion broke off. Still a thing of beauty to me, with its heavy paper texture and spiral pattern around the base. The brood comb, with its hexagonal compartments for eggs, was of course inside the nest when it was still attached to the roof.

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Organic architecture by wasps - about 10 cm (4 inches) in diameter.

Humans create some interesting habitats as well - some more attractive than others. These two are in Kashima City. Ah well, at least they are easy to find!

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Anonymous said...

The wasp nest is quite beautiful. . nature always does that, well - naturally :)

The Moody Minstrel said...

What do you think of the "Pink Mansion" in downtown Kashima near the Cheerio shopping mall. Every time I drive by that thing the words "capital punishment" cross my mind...

Pandabonium said...

east of oregon - yes, nature sure does.

Moody - I call it the "Pink Palace" or "Showboat".

They could add a few brownish stripes and make it look like neopolitan ice cream.

Public schools and government apartment blocks in Japan give me the feeling you describe.