Moon Phase

Have you been enjoying the moon the last few days? Our skies have been crystal clear for the most part and the moon full. This morning it was almost setting as the sun was rising and it was .977% illuminated.

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I took this picture Sunday afternoon during our outing in northern Ibarakai Prefecture. I'll post more pictures from that trip shortly.


Martin J Frid said...

Great photo, you must have a pretty decent camera to get a view like that.

Are your friends in Fiji ok...? If I was in Sweden, Fiji would be on the other side of Earth, but this is in my backyard so to speak. I had some friends in college from Fiji and they were wonderful people. Why would a place like that need a military?

YD said...

omigod! i haven't really seen a proper moon for such a long time! I'm happy that you showed it to remind how it looks like... ;-P

It's a great photo, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Great pix! The moon here in the Hill Country in Texas has been magnificent, too! Love to look at it.

Pandabonium said...

YD- I wish I had been able to take a picture of it this morning - as the sun was not yet up, the moon looked very bright and the clear air allowed one to see a lot of detail even with the naked eye.

Martin - Thanks for asking. Everyone I know there is just fine. Peace has prevailed as I expected. The only way that would change is if Australia decided to exercise its muscle which now appears unlikely. Fiji uses its military as a money maker by sending them on UN peace keeping missions - Lebanon, East Timor, etc. (the other side of that coin is that the globalist countries are happy to have them do it). Fijian veterans with few prospects of a good jobs at home often work as contract drivers or guards (ie mercenaries) in places like Iraq and Kuwait, and send a lot of money back to Fiji.

I have not posted about it - and won't - because the politics and history involved are quite complex and I'm sure my opinions would upset a lot of folks without solving anything. A good (in my opinion) concise post about it appears on the "South Pacific Travel Blog" - see my links. Also, "Stuck In Fiji Mud" has been posting a lot of the news stories about it from several sources. Most other Fiji blogs seem to be waiting and/or praying.

Anonymous said...

What a moon - beautiful. Thanks for sharing. :)

Anonymous said...


PinkPanther said...

Really a beautiful skya 'n full MOON.

While appreciating the beauty moon, why don’t walk into this misty space; seeing the pleasant mist and listening fascinating background music.


Pandabonium said...

Glad everyone enjoyed it. Interesting link PP. Thanks.