Natto Breath

Moody challenged in a rhyme
“Try the natto”, so sublime

So I vowed, perhaps in haste,
I would give natto a fair taste

I knew just once would not suffice
So I sampled natto thrice!

I tried it first with mustard, hot
Mixed with shoyu - looked like snot

It burned my tongue - I’m sensitive
With shoyu only? Explicative!

Plain natto, unadulterated?
What I next uttered was x-rated

Soy beans cooked are so delicious,
And natto is super nutritious

But as for taste, I must say lastly,
That natto stuff is simply nasty

Though vegetarian I am
I’d rather eat green eggs and ham!



The Moody Minstrel said...

Natto, it seems, hit Panda's palette
Like a groin hit with a rubber mallet,
Leaving him in agony,
Perhaps he's even blaming me!
I'd urge him not to get upset,
And I would say, "Don't give up yet!"
Most foreigners can't take this slime
When they try it for the first time,
But with some courage, just a tad,
They often find it's not so bad.
In Panda's case he went about it
The hard way; no I don't doubt it
Hit him like a ton of lead.
It's plain to see from what he said!
It's best to take it slow and easy.
Wrapped in nori, not so greasy,
Or served as tempura, nice!
Don't go crazy with the spice!
The hot mustard and soy sauce route
Will clear your sinuses to boot,
But it's not for the sensitive;
It won't make you feel positive!
In truth, I rarely eat it plain
Because there's little there to gain.
The smell alone can turn your gut,
Old socks and machine oil, but
A little soy sauce, minimal,
Can make it much more tolerable,
And then hot mustard, just a dash,
Will add some color to the mash.
Stir in a raw egg, mix with rice,
And you may find it kind of nice!
It surely gives you energy,
And that's what does it all for me.
With "power natto", at my job,
I don't feel like a lazy slob
So dead lacking in motivation,
Morale, drive, or concentration.
Sadly, I don't eat it now,
For eggs, like meat of pig or cow,
Are off my list by doctor's orders,
And the rules don't cross the borders.
Doctors in America
Say eggs are not so bad for ya,
But doctors here say, "None at all
Of food that has cholesterol,"
So now I only eat natto
With soy, but it's still good to go
When put atop a bowl of rice
I still think that it's kind of nice.
Also, look at what stores carry.
There are many brands; they vary
Quite a bit in taste, it's true!
You might find one that's good for you!
Uh, oh...this verse is getting long!
I'd better stop 'fore I go wrong...

Quit visiting some comment thread,
Letting it go straight to your head,
It's way out of line
X-raying someone's mind
Unless something needs to be said.

PinkPanther said...

When I looked at yr. soy beans photo, it recalls my favorite canned food in my childhood, I always yelled my Mom to buy the can-soybeans in tomato sauce, SO TASTY! Even now, I’ll buy it once in awhile.
Dry soybean snack is also my fancy snack.

Pandabonium said...

MM - thank you, but the new rule is that if comments get longer than the post, I start charging by the word. ;^)

So, does this mean I must keep trying? Arg.

PP - that sounds good to me too. lots of ways to enjoy soy.

Reena said...

Way to go Panda :)
That image looks much better, like canned baked beans, yum..

Pandabonium said...

Reena - If only natto tasted like baked beans...

Speaking of beans, I made vegetarian chili from scratch today starting with dry red beans. I like that too.

Natto? NOT!

YD said...

oh no, oh no... not natto again? ;-P

I still can't imagine eating the rotten beans plain... I don't think adding mustard would work too. Try some chilli?

Just like Durian, Natto seems to be a Love/Hate food.

YD said...

Side note to momo,

Momo, look what you have done to me! Now Schnappi is officially my ringtone... and I am still singing schni schna schnappi, schnappi schnappi schanp...